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Cerapho surprised me ....

... during my masturbation. I was shocked. Nobody ever visited me on my roof-deck without my invitation. Not even Nikki do that. A dry Hi was everything I could manage to say. He slipped beneath my hand and started to masturbate me. Masturbation is one thing, Masturbation by a foreigner is another - much better - thing. During a long french kiss I came hard. More than one time. I laid in his arms and he continuesly finger-fucked me. It takes an hour till he let my pussy alone. I was totally exhausted. I was asleep within minutes. He woke me up with another finger-fuck, but short after my orgasm I was asleep another time. The next time I woke up, he was sleeping below me. It was a simple scene I dreamed of. So romantic, so sexy, so beauntiful.

Later I woke him up with a blowjob. Now he is fucking Nikki. It was an error to let her fuck him.

lonely kisses


I told you about my roof-deck. It is ideal for a descent afternoon. After returning from the university or the job I usually shower, shave my pussy (yes I do it every day, I like it smooth) and afterwards lay down on my bed in the center of my private roof-deck. I read a book till I am sleepy, than I masturbate till I am slept.

By the way: I have not met Robert or Frank for three weeks now. Not to be fucked is good. Nadja had her birthday party in our apartment. It was a great party.



Yes, they cheat on us. I told it Nadja last week and she did some field research. She found a DD girl who is a coiffeur. This prove is strong enaugh.

Later this day we told the twins, that we will leave them. Without any more sexual intercourse we left their gardeners house and left their lives.

Nadja cried a lot the last hours, but she will fetch herself soon enaugh.