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Something wrong

This aftermoon I fucked Robert. First I did not notice, but then after a few minutes I smelled it. There was the smell of another woman. First I thought Nadja changed her scent but then after checking this I am pretty sure there is another woman in the life of Robert.

Have to check this.


First weeks in my new rooms

Two weeks are gone and I am very happy in my new environment.
My curtains arrived by a package from the former renter of the appartment. I nearly left to buy somecurtains when Nikki told me about the package. The fabric is a red satin and between the main curtains there is this usual semi-transparent white curtain.
Today my twins repaired my outdoor jacuzzi. And it is working again. But it had a price: A blowjob beneath the water surface. They have heard from it in a movie and I had to suffer. It is tricky even to try it. I nearly drowned. If you close your nose it is possible for a few seconds, but do not suck on it.
Currently my twins lay in the Jacuzzi and I will finish my blog entry now. I wil have to pleasure them another way.


My rooms

I have to describe my rooms a little bit. I have three rooms at the south side of the penthouse. A huge bedroom (36sqm), a "small" hallway between the bath and the bedroom (12sqm) and the bath (16sqm).
Start with the hallway. On the wall to the apartment there is a single huge wardrobe. My clothes are not enaugh to fill a tenth of this monster. But it is useful. I pushed everything useless in it. The way itself is about 1,5 metres width and on the south side of this room there are three large windows from the bottom to the top of this wall. Due to they have these nice round arches on the top they look 100 years old. I have to buy some curtains for my whole area, because in to the west and the south there are buildings with the same height.
My bath is simple a class of its own. Like everything else in this building, nothing is cheap. The equipment: Two basins, a toilett, a BD, a large shower and huge bathtub. Everythink is there. The basins in marmoreal, the toilett, BD and the…

Finishing the move

Today I emptied my room. Together with Joel, Robert, Frank, Nadja, Doris, Jessica, Aron, Cerapho and Nikki this was a very simple tasks. The boys (and Joel) transported all my furniture within the early afternoon and the girls simply managed anything else. At six o'clock the room was empty, my bath utilities in a case, my kitchen parts in a box and Dories had cried a lot. However An hour later it was done.

Frank is currently in the shower and I will initiate my room in a few minutes. I am very lucky that Nikki and Aron managed the internet topic for me. Aron bought a so called WLAN equipment. Despite my fears that Aron bought shit, this equipment is very well. Intel stuff. Wireless LAN. Crazy thing. A am girl who was raised with Ethernet cables and classic NICs from 3com. Just wired.

Frank finished his shower ...


A Decision

Today I made my decision. I will move to Nikki on the next weekend. My flat mates were not very happy with it, but they accepted my decision after they saw the penthouse. Especially the small Doris is very unlucky about it whereas Joel is not very angry. He is the first and will be the last in the flat community. For him it is just the consequence of time.

But there will be a party. A large party. Doris parties her 20th birthday, Henrick and I will leave the flat and Joels boyfriend will move in. The party is next weekend Mai 10th, 2003.


This morning I received a call from Nikki, I just finished my second oral sex on Robert when she told me to come over. After my first lesson at the university I walked over to her place (it is pretty near to the LMU).
She came fast to the point: She wants me to move into her appartment. She checked all her friends but just found me. And I really think about it. Now after three years in my flat I perhaps need a change. And to be honest, a 36 square metre room, a 16 square metre bath in a 300 sq.m. apartment is a nice outlook. I have to think about it.