Friday, April 25, 2003

Nikki !!!

After nearly a month today I start my own little investigation. And it was easy. I drove to her home and was pretty astonished that a large pantechnicon van was on the street. I asked the worker and he told me, that one of the vans is driving towards Hamburg, the other one just to Schwabing. Later I asked one the driver - with the aid of my cleavage - if he took me with him towards Schwabing and I got a positive reply - as usual.
We hold in the front of a large house near the english garden. I asked him for the apartment and he simply point with his fat fingers to the top of the building. I went upstair within the building and at the end of the chairs there was a white door which was half open. I went inside and heard the family voice of Nikkis moaning. I was in a large hall and I had to walk a little bit till I reached the room where Nikki was fucking somone on a chair. She just came when she saw me. Her face went red immediately. My first thought was: How unusual for her, but then I remembered to the only situation which she unsure about in her sexual life. She was fucking her dad. I saw a photo months ago in her bedroom and it was his hair. I looked around to leave the room, but she was faster. She ran over to me and begged me to forgive her. At that moment her father stood up and I had to blink. He has a very nice sexual organ. Not very large, but thicker than normal, clean shaved, without any deformation and two perfect balls beneath. "Hi", he said and in this moment I blushed. "Josephine, this is my father, father this is Josephine, the girl I told you." He pulled up his trousers and said: "You are the first girl ever, she claimed a friend of her." I noded. "Sorry for the scene. But I will move towards Hamburg and we use every second." "Not just for sex", said Nikki and told her father: "Could you leave us alone, dad?" He smacked her naked ass and was gone towards the entrance of the appartment. My simple question was: "Nikki?"

Here is the answer: Her grandmas testament was a good thing for Nikki. Every child, grandchild or married child got his piece of the large cake. Nikkis dad now owns a small designer studio in Hamburg and she now hold a real estate company with twenty different buildings in munich. The company is managed by a employee and her lawyer prooves the company from time to time. It has a large financel estate and simple returns money to her own fortune. And when the manager of the company saw her own flat, he insist that she moved to this penthouse. The former renter - a former soccer pro - has left it a month ago. The flat is at least 400 square meter large, four bedrooms with 4 bathes, a huge kitchen, a dinning room and a living area which is very large, including an indoor swimming pool and a winter garden.

Incredible. Enough for today

Friday, April 18, 2003

Real group sex

My first real group sex. Nadja, the twins and I myself. Every few minutes changing the partner, doing oral, vaginal and anal intercourse. A few years ago, I said I would never do group sex. How time change a mind. Tonight I hope, Nadja will visit us. Till now, only my twins are fucking me. During my typing my two twins are resting.

Another thing concerns me. I have not heard anything from Nikki since the funeral. Since I knew her, I saw her at least once a week.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Nadjas pussy...

... is clean shaven, has large lips, a huge clitoris and is very pink. Today was the first time I sucked a girls pussy. I have sucked so many pricks, but never thought about going down on a girl.
It was easy and hard at the same time. Easy, because I know very well where and how to lick, hard because my tongue could not reach the necessary speed. She changed in sixty-nine and I was a happy girl.

Later after two descent orgasm I convienced her to come back to the twins. She was not very happy with them. In her opinion they betrayed her more than one way. She is right, but I think she is thinking of the advantages like me.


Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Jessicas Birthday

Jessica invited us all to her party. At 19:00 she invited us for a dinner. At 18:45 Frank ejaculated in me and zipped his fly. We have lost track of time and so we went into a hurry. But at 19:30 we arrived at the party.
Jessica is a good cook. I have always liked to eat her chinese food. After the dinner we chatted about an hour before we went to the Nightflight, a disco in the north of munich.
At a slow moment I thought about my two other friends Nikki and Nadja. Nikki has not answered my calls since the funeral of her grandma and Nadja was still angry with the twins. It will take a time.