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First lesbians licks ... and the end of a secret

Tonight Nadja went down on me. From my former boyfriends I always demand that they lick me, but this girl was better. Much better. The oral pleasure she gave me was fantastic. And she told me, that she has never done this before. I do not believe this.

But then another thing happened. Our twins came back from their work shift and caught us in the act. They do not hesitate very long. The stripped and fucked us. Nadja was very confused. She was just in getting used to the idea to be fucked by her boyfriend in front of his brother and her friend, when he came into her. Immediately the twin I sucked of turned behind her and continues to fuck her. She tried to escape but he fucked her continuesly. She complained why Robert fucks her, my only answer was, why she is so sure that it is really Robert (it was Robert, but that is not very important).

Later - after her first sandwich - we both laid in the tube and I told her about my exploration a few months ago. She has never thought about being f…

Nikki at the funeral

Tonight Cerapho and I went to the funeral of Nikkis grandma. I was astonished. It was huge. About hundred people. Nikkis mother had seven sisters and further 6 adopted sisters. All seems to works fine for the grand family except Nikki and her father. They do not fit in this community.

Later this day I received my answer. Cerapho asked a bit around and presented it to me: Her grandfather was a very successfull business man. He earned a lot, raised some companies and even built his own little empire. But he died a few years ago. All of his childs was well educated, some of them now leading the companies he built, some are doctors and other are lawyers. He did not like just one kid: Nikkis mother.


Nikkis Grandma is dead

I was out with Nikki today and while we were walking through the english garden her father called her. He told her, that her grandma on the side of the mother just died. A tear dropped out of Nikkis eyes immediately. I have not known much about her grandma but I know that she counts a lot to Nikki. Nikki has nothing within on which she can rely. She is very good in school but that does not count for her. She is very proud on her fucking capabilities but on nohting else. Instead she has some points on which she rely: Her "secret" lake, her grandma, her father and perhaps me and Cerapho. And now her grandma is dead.

I took her home to my flat and she cried a lot. An hour ago she drove home to her father.

Fit again

After three weeks of illness now I am fit again.

Joel, the homosexual in my flat community asked me something pretty private today. He asked me to join for a threesome with his current boyfriend. But I denied. No idea why, but somehow, my twins are still my twins. But I helped him to convience Nikki.

I have not told you much about Doris, Henrik and Joel, my flat mates. To make it simple: Henrik is an asshole and will finish his study course and will leave in a few month. Joel is an ideal gay. He looks like a gay, he speaks like a gay and act like a gay. I stood naked in front of him and he did not care. He is 28 and was at the first flat mate in this appartment. Doris is still our chicken. Now she is 20 years old but still very shy and silent. She is a typical poor student.

Tonight will be a fun. Nikki came over and she and the two boys just went to their bedroom. I am sitting here lonely with my notebook and a glass of wine. Damn. But tomorrow I will visit the twins.