Friday, February 28, 2003


Today, my friends Jessica and Aron visited me. Till last weekend these damn fever do not want to fall. Aron in his business suit. Huh. I like this dress of a junior consultant.

They told me of the "small" party of my twin boys. Hell I was angry. They had invited a lot of young girls with their boys and the party went pretty wild. They have not told me anything of that.

But sweet revenge is cold revenge and I will get my revenge.

Monday, February 24, 2003


Damn fever. Too much party last weekend a now at the start of the week, I lay in my bed and sweat like hell. At wednesday my twins will have their birthday. The last month, since I knew my twins secret, I have a great time. And I had a lot more of sex than before.

I do not care any more who of the both is my boyfriend. This love element is not any longer in this relation. But the sex is better than ever before. To simply switch after one of them ejaculated into me to the other is great thing. But the best is still a simple hard sandwich fuck or a threesome in any way.

have to stay in bed


Thursday, February 13, 2003

Sauna ... and Nikkis Birthday

Today I was out with my gang. Jessica and Aron picked me and Nadja up and we drove to the Westbad where Nikki already awaited us. Nadja and I have let the twins behind to have a girls night. We stand there, paid the expensive tickets, and wait for a free clothing cabinet but just one opened after a long minute. It was rush hour. Nadja, Nikki and me went inside and Jessica went a bit crazy and simply pushed Aron and herself into as well. She closed the cabine and there we were. Five young humans in a too small room. After 10 seconds Nikki upper body was already naked and she just pushed down her jeans. Jessica and I followed her just Nadja seems to have a problem with Arons silence. She asked him if he is too shy to strip down. Too shy to strip down he laughed. Jessica - now naked - comes over and pushed Nadja to him. Pull him out, she said. She pushed her a second time and now Nadja open his trousers and pushed it down. Wow, was all she said, God damn wow. Aron laughed once again and start to strip. I laughed as well.

Later I was alone with Nikki. We were both on the outdoor pool of the Westbad. She was somehow sad in her corner so I sat me beside her. A asked her what the problem is today. At first she not even want to answer me, but then she told me her problem. Today was Februar 13, 2003. 18 years after her birth. Today is her birthday. And nobody except of her father has remembered it.

I was a bit shocked. There she is once again with tears in her eyes. I always forgot how lonely this girl really is. I am her single real friend beneath Cerapho. She really needs a girlfriend, a nice young girl which is at least bisexual.

I gave her a kiss on her forehead and asked her about Cerapho. He has never forgot any birthday, not my one, neither anyone else one. She had never told him her birthday. What a crazy girl. I gave her a short kiss on her lips to perk her up. I have a birthday present I lieed. Dirty liar, she answered. But I present it to her: A further kiss, but the french way. I pushed her hand - which had cupped my breasts within seconds - behind her and slowly fingerfucked her.

This is something I have never done with a girl before. Nadja and I have done a lot of french kisses or tits fundling but we have never touched each others pussies.

Despite she orgasmed very hard and long she was very silently so nobody seems to notice us except of the couples left and right of us. "Is this a birthday present." She just hugged me.

In the sauna we fetched up to the others again and had a lot of fun with some teenagers. Nikki showed them her pussy very clear, and when Jessica and I spread our legs a bit one of them even turned around. But the real hit landed Aron when he spread his legs and showed off his real size to the young girl of this group.


Saturday, February 08, 2003

Conter revenge

Today I was raped. Raped by my two boyfriends who cannot stand it any longer. They pinned me in their kitchen and fucked me the hard way from behind. Afterwards in Roberts bedroom they gave me a descent sandwich fuck.

I was a fuck toy. And I liked it. I liked it very much. Never seen such blue balls at a guy. Wow.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Revenge Part III

After tricking them, telling them the story with Cerapho now the third part of my revenge. Since my birthday no one of my twins have been ejaculated with my help. To prevent that Nadja is fucked instead I threat them to tell her their twin trick.

To make it not too easy I occasionally start a blowjob on them or show a little to much of my cleavage. Simply I make them hard.

Two weeks without a fuck is pretty hard for me. But I will stand another week.