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No love, no resistance

I was out with Cerapho tonight. I should never go out with a friend, when I am on my horny days. He has to stand a lot. First I told him from my birthday, than I said to him, that I am no longer in love with Robert and an hour later I asked him to please me.
A quarter of an hour ago he left me after a more than delicious oral exchange. Wow. I thank god for the good old 69 position.


The revenge and my birthday present

Today is my birthday. I am a proud 22 years old twin fucker !!!

Today I had my revenge. First I bound the one point twin to a bed (I do not say his bed) and fucked him till he ejaculated in my pussy. I blindfolded and gagged him and walked over to the kitchen instead of fucking him further more. Five minutes the other twin arrived from the work in the garden and I put my best smile I ever had and said: "Hi Robert, wait for you for an hour." I dropped in front of him and sucked him a while till he pulled me up and shove his dick in my pussy. And at this point he knew that there is something wrong. His face went serious but he has still continued to fuck me. I asked him: "Hey, what is your name, Frank or Robert? And do not tell me, it is Robert. I just fucked another one of you who told me, that he is Robert." In this moment he came.

Later they told me, that they fucked me both since the first week of my relationship to Robert. They admitted that they do this with ever…

Field research - The result

In the last five days, I have had 19 times sexual intercourse plus 8 full blowjobs. I fucked the one point guy 11 times, the two point guy 8 times. Now looking on my sheet I had to admit: I am dumb. 19 times in five days. An hour ago I asked Najda about her sexual activity the last days (I did not tell her why): 11 times. Together 30 fucks. 15 per guy. In five days. Three a day. Okay, manageable but hard for a boy.

To be fucked by both is not very hard to me - I already suspected it -, why not they are guys. But it is a bit to systematic to be without revenge.

A dot, or two?

Today was interesting. Very interesting.

Early this morning we did a hard fuck in my bedroom in the city and afterwards we both laid side by side. I saw his heels a few centimeters from my face when my eye hits two very small points at his ankles. I know, some parents do that too her twins to divide them, so it was no problem to me (a tattoo would not be a problem too).

I went to the university and sometime at the mensa it hits me: Two points on my first born Robert? Wow.

Sarahs birthday

Tonight I visited together with Robert my sisters birthday party. She is very lesbian. Robert and Kathrins boyfriend have been the only boys on the party. I got a lot of compliments about my ass (and my tits) but after I ease Roberts pressure on the toilet I visibly lost my charm.

Sarahs girlfriend is not as beauntiful as she herself. No damage, she is still nice. Her character is pretty as well. I like her.


Happy New Year

Welcome to 2003. If the this year continues like the last year ends it will get turbulent. The last two nights I had the sex of my life. We even triggered an orgasm to midnight. Robert argument it the simple way: No sex since a week. He and his brother were pretty alone during the fest and now during Silvester when Nadja and me returned to their gardener house they fucked our brains out. Roberts load was incredible. In my life I had a lot of cum in my mouth but never this amount - at least not from one person.
When I talked to Nadja this morning she told me a similar story about Frank - the name still disturbs me - just it was her pussy instead of her mouth. I like her more and more. We are like sisters. In the morning after a long and hard night we sit together, giggling around and suffer from our sore genitals.