Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Popped cherries

It's shortly before midnight on Sylvester and I am blogging. How depressing. But in reality I have to write down what I have heard after the superb dinner: We have talked about the lost of our virginities. Our means Nikki, Jessica, Nadja, Doris, Aron, Cerapho, and me. Do you want to hear it? ... What a rhetoric question. ;-)

Let us start with Nikki. She was not the first who talked but with a reason. We would have had problem with our stomaches. She was twelve and was drunken on a party. She was already tired when a 17 years old started to flirt with her and later picked her to the masters bedroom. She remembered how he stripped her but afterwards she felt to sleep. She woke up when he broke her but her delirium was to strong to build up a defense or to say more than a few times "No". When she woke up the sun was shining down on her body. She was still in the bed, on her body was dried sperm, the sheet was bloody and full of body fluids, two knotted condoms not far from her face and another open one between the sheets and her body, and to make it worse, it looked like she had unprotected sex. But the worst humilitation was her nudity and the wide open bedroom door. She was lost and left the house as fast as possible. Later a "friend" told her, that the whole party was for a few seconds in the masters bedroom. The 17yo was with her for two hours and left the party immediately afterwards. After the party has passed the bedroom a 15yo was caught unprotected over her. Two from her class touched her later in the night and jerked of on her. That is what she heared about "her" night. She could never get the information who the 15 yo has been. Nobody of the clique, nobody of their direct environment. We have been shocked but she just gave a shrug and said: "Past." But who should be astonished, we all know about her (circa) 60 sexual partners.

Nadja started with her story especially because she is proud of it and we started that way: She had her first sexual encounter on a sylvester night when she was 14. After a two years relationship her lover set up the perfect night for her. She orgasmned on her first time. I and most of the women I know could not claim that. They both made an HIV test before and she has taken the pill for a year so they had unprotected first love. Wow. Later she told us about her first lesbian encounter when she was 16.

You all know Doris story (bad boy on party) see my blog entry "Nice little girl" two weeks ago.

Jessica has already told me her story. Her first fuck was in 1991 when she was 9 years old. Nine. She lost her virginity w/o feeling anything than pain but her mother has told her all about sex and the first time and she knew it would get better with the time. She continues to fuck him for a year till she reaches her first orgasm. Till she was 17 in 1999 she have had only two boyfriends which fucked her all the times. What a youth, what an experience in relationships. From 1999 till shortly after her 18th birthday in April 2000 she had 13 one night stands before she met a cute boyfriend and after him Aron. Aron is Mr. 17. Why this is not normal, see for Aron's story. She is definitely (besides the abnormal Nikki) Mrs. Experience. This is more a story about her sexual life, but it is her life.

Aron. Mr. Super-Dick. Imagine: Boys in the locker room. Boys talking to each other. Girls hearing rumors ... . His dick was more famous than any other rumor in the history of his school here in Munich. It was a 16 year old girl who fucked him the first time with tender 12. At this time he was long, not thick, but very long. Thickness came later. They had sex in her bed four times in the first night. He had a lucky, lucky, lucky youth. Till his final year in the school he had sex with nearly half of the girls of his grade and the grade below him. I mean not to count the girls which fucked him from upper grades. In this age of 19 he had over 50 girls. This was in 1995. Now, puuh. I do not want to have the count.

Cerapho my sperm source Nr. 1 had his first time when he was 18 on train. He fucked this girl in public places for 1 and a half year before she dropped him. He has never had a girl between his first and Nikki. Cerapho was a surprise to me. We have talked about my virginity and so on before, but I always expected him to have a girl in his back since I have always made him the offer to fuck me anytime he wants. Where does he get his experience in licking pussies? He is still the best, but ... . Anyhow. Nikki is fucking him like a bitch and he is happy with it.

My story ... sorry, another time. It is shortly before midnight and I have to commit the post.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Horny little thing

God, I cannot stand it anymore. Since I left my family and returned to our empty apartment (Nadja and Doris at home, Nikki at Hamburg, Aron and Jessica in a vacation trip) I am so unsatisfied. Do you know the feeling of blue balls. Normally, this is a problem of men, but for me, there are some days in the months I cannot stand without intercourse. No masturbation, I need another body. Somebody who is driving me crazy.


All the day I hung around in the apartment, swimming in the pool, tanning in the sun, reading, surfing, ..., and ... oh god ... masturbating. Do not ask about the postman this morning. Nothing happened, but ...

But for days like these, god also gives us some toys ...


Friday, December 26, 2003

Brotherly love

Since Kathrin, Dominik, and Sarah have their boy/girlfriends with them, we had a lack of rooms ==> I have to sleep with my 21 years old brother Florian in one bed. I am very close to him. Very close. Tonight was not the first night, we end up in a bed, kissing, petting, and cuddling each other. There is just one rule I set up years ago: No sex, no oral, no orgasms. We have this nights about once a year, in our teenage years we did it every months, in the summer even more often. I think because of my tits, he has his fixation on DDs. We are all close sisters, but due to our one year difference, we always have been closest. I like being his big sister, and he likes to have a big sister (with a nice body). I am pretty sure, that I have been his and many of his friends wet fantasy. And I always liked the idea of boys cumming on me.

You think this is incest. Damn, it is just petting.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Home sweet home

Today is family day. Since Sarah and Dominik moved out within the last year, we met the family on the second day of christmas. Sarah has introduced her girlfriend to our family earlier this year. My parents have not been very nice to them. Luckily, Dominik (finally) brought his girlfriend with him to christmas, so she is the center of my parents attention. We luckily somehow managed not to talk about my year, so the story with the twins and Nadja never comes up. My lesbian relationship would not be a good topic. But we all have a nice christmas (so far).

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Happy Christmas

What a christmas. I liked it. 3 sets of naughty dessous from Jessica, Aron, Nadja, Doris, and Cerapho and a double dildo from Nikki. I love my friends. My return gifts are pretty similiar: Underwear for Cerapho and Aron (naughty little things), a vib for Doris (a girl without a vibrator is no girl), sex toys for Nadja, and a wipe for Nikki (or better for Cerapho, as he will use it).

Tuesday, December 23, 2003


Done. Once again, before December 23th. I am so good.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Nasty, nasty little girl (me)

What I did today is so nasty, it is even criminal. I sucked a dick for getting a better mark. My marks are usually something like 1.0, 1.3, or 1.7. No 2.something. That is not my mark. Unfortunately, I forgot on my last exam a whole page. It was a 2.3 due to it. It was a serious mark. One which ends up in my diploma. I end up talking with the student who corrected it (I am well informed) and he allowed me to write the missing page. For a price. I have commited it to you more than once: I am easy with oral. And to suck somebody to get something is nothing new as well (remember the twins), so I ended up between his legs. It was really no fun. He grabbed my hair, my tits, invaded my pussy, and face-fucked me. Nothing new at all. Cerapho is doing this to me every time, but ... .

Luckily Cerapho was at home, and after I told him the story, hugged each other a little bit, I get used to it. At least I get my mark. Now a few hours later, the world is better. I mean, I have sucked so many in my childhood, why do not suck him, the asshole. I had a choice.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Nice little girl

Doris and I talked again about her sexuality. She changed a lot since Nikolaus. We bought together some more sexy clothes and dessous, she shaved herself down there (not that she was really hairy), she got a new haircut, and we changed some of her room decoration. She also sleeps nude the whole time and is able to show her nipples through her clothes.

She is very upset about her sexual activity. I mean, there is no activity since her defloration. Her cherry was popped when she was twelve. The guy has not really cared about her. He had been fourteen and had just wanted to pop a cherry. She had been talked into it and not really ready for it. He had pushed his dick only twice in her and than cummed ... in her. He left her alone, in a basement in her bloody-cummy mess she had between her legs. No goodbye kiss, no orgasm, no good reason to fuck any guy in the rest of her life.

Let us talk about kissing. She has never french kissed anyone. I offered her to train with me, but after a few kisses she broked it. But at least she joins my kissing tradition I have with Nikki, Nadja and Jessica.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Table Dance

Today is Nikolaustag. That is german (perhaps european) tradition and the orign of the Santa Claus. It is special for kids but for adults it is a good reason to drink some "Glühwein" (mulled wine) and give some small presents (really small). I bought a naughty costume for tonight. You wonder if I have too much money? You are right. Since I live at Nikki's place, I save a lot of money because I still work as much as before. Back to the costume. It is a female Santa Claus costume. A short skirt, boots, an bonded top and a jelly bag cap (new word for me). And below ... another topic.
When it went ten in the night, they started to shout I should strip. What else should I expect from Cerapho, Aron, Jessica, Nadja (which know my body), Nikki (who wants to know it) and Doris (who joins the others in their shouts). And honestly: I have waited for it. Poor Doris. A strip is always for "somebody" and this time it was for Doris. She was red like a tomato during my strip. I kissed her, I pressed her face in my tits, pressed myself against her, and ended on her laps with one of her hands covering my pussy. They applouded me. Doris was uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.

Later when the party was over, I talked with Doris. She cried a lot. She was unhappy with her life. She wants to be like me or Nikki, always free, always sexy (she said that), no problem with nudity, bisexuality, and so on. And she complained about her breasts, her shyness, her life as a single, ... . But I told her some truth: That her tits are bigger than these of Nikki, that her body is fantastic form (if you like the skinny type), and there is no good reason to be like me or Nikki. I give her some other hints (especially regarding her love Cerapho).

Now I am sitting in my armchair and typing my last words before I enter the bed of my love Nadja.

Kisses, happy advent.

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Changes in relationships

Cerapho did his magic again. Nikki now calls him her boyfriend. WOW. My Cerapho, her boyfriend. It was amazing. When they start to fuck, Nikki still had several of her sex buddies, now she fucks him every night and as often as possible during the day. And since a month he nearly all the times sleeps over here and I really loved it. A near Cerapho is a good Cerapho. And somehow he managed, that we can continue our dick sucking tradition. She told me that I should continue "my kneeling in front of him" (her phrase). I really love this idea. Two of my best friends together. Unfortunately, she will soon know him better than me, and that is it with the best buddy relationship.
Another Cerapho action: He played his card on Doris. We had a small party around the pool on friday night. Aron, Jessica, Nikki, Cerapho, Nadja and me. And Doris, as our new flat mate. She was last and was shocked that we all have been nude. We know each other from our trips to the sauna, but she was never with us. We said to her, that she should strip her (one-piece) bathsuit, but she declined. She was shy. A kicked Ceraphos ass, because I know, that she is shy because of him. I would have never expected what comes next. He climbed out of the pool, walked behind her, hugs her, and than, slowly pull down her bathsuit. This girl was in heaven. Her dream man walking in front of her naked and than pulling down her shyness with one move. Her face and some other bodypartes went red immediately. She pushed her into the water and followed her soon after.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Doris is moving in

Doris, my old flat mate has asked me two weeks ago if she can move in. I talked with Nikki and she agreed. She has to participate in the utilities like me, but for her it is an improvement. There is one big room left between my and Nikkis room. Nikki, somehow always liked Doris despite or perhaps because of their difference. She still fucking every walking man, Doris still a kind of virgin. She has not fucked for eight years. Eight. She was twelve then. Today, Doris is a black haired, thin, 55kg girl with an A-Cup. No guy ever looked at her. She has the wrong friends and is a very shy person.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Love Balls

I am so horny. Horny. Horny. Horny. Cerapho asked me to help him shopping some shirts. Beneath my pants and panties in my pussy I carry these love balls around. All the day. The shopping tour took hours. In the end we ended up in a changing room. Two employees pretty well know what I did inside. I never told Cerapho why I am so horny all this day, but he appreciate it anyway.

I slipped off my panties a few minutes ago. I have never wetten my panties so much by my own. Honestly, the feelings are not so incredible but at least constant, so in the end your imagination finally kills you. It kills me four times this day.

Friday, November 07, 2003

Nadja's toys

I asked for it and today she showed me the relicts of her former lesbian relationships: Sex tools. That we worked on each other with a Dildo or a Vib is normal as we did it from the first day on. Today she showed me her two strap-ons. She has a type of g-string harness with a vibrating pad in front of the clit. Fantastic tool. She tied me up tight with it and afterwards let me fuck her. Now I understand, why men are so dominant in sex. Who would not be with this tool between your legs. She was totally in it. She screamed, she cried, she moaned, she cursed on every movement with it. I have heard her never that loud since the twins stopped her last sandwich-fuck on her. Later she used it on me, but without the arousal of me fucking her it would have never worked. The second strap-on was different. You have to wear it around your thigh with a huge dildo vertical out of your thigh. This was sweet. We kissed a lot and she rode my thigh slowly. She told me, that there are far more aggressive ways of fucking her with it. And she told me that her ex-girlfriend has another one, so you can fuck each other at the same time by riding the others thigh.

She showed me another of her tools today: Two love-balls. They have been faster inside me than I thought it could be possible. First I want them out as fast as possible, but she insisted me to stand up and walk some steps. That changed my opinion. Tomorrow we will buy some balls for me.

Friday, October 31, 2003

Nadja's secret

Nadja today told me a little detail of her sex life: I am her third lesbian relationship. From the first time, she went down on me, I have known it. She is still not very sure about her sexual orientation. In the end of her declaration, I pushed her between my legs and let her eat me out. Fantastic.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Good times ... for Cerapho

This morning Cerapho and I had some time for us. Nadja was in the university and Nikki was away. I showed him the movie of Nadja and me having sex. One and a half hour explicit material. It was a pretty "pinky" sex. No toys, no tools, no spanking, but for an heterosexual man this is enaugh. I teased him for half an hour and than sucked him in front of the TV. After a short time he shot me his protein smoothie in my mound. After two more smoothies the band stopped.

It was the best oral sex he ever had ... at least he told me so.

Monday, October 13, 2003


Let's talk about videos. Videos of me and my partners. Nadja came up with this idea two days ago. She is a kind of hobby filmer, and now she wanted a film with me. I already consider myself as a kind of porno star. With Frank we have filmed over 7 hours of sex in front of a cam. In the beginning he filmed me giving him a blowjob fully closed. In the end I set up the cam and fucked him including some close-ups. Aron filmed me once and Cerapho has a bunch of pictures of me sucking his dick or dancing in front of him. Pictures of me is a really worse story. I remember at least 8 times, where some guys (including girls) shot photos of me in a semi-dressed position.

Okay ... 3.2.1 Action

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Lesbian ... Bisexual

I am not a full lesbian. Never thought so, but ... who knows. I fucked Aron today. I liked it. I liked it a lot. We fucked in a chair and later on a table of Aron's big flat.

But it was a little bit disappointing as well. Nadja do not know about my arrangement with Jessica and do not know as well, that Aron and I have sex. She thinks, that no penis touches me down there. I am cheating her. I have done it, I do it, and I will continue to do it.
Another story is Jessica. She arranged it, but somehow she just do it for Aron and not for herself. I mean, hey we fuck twice a week. Twice. She do not know how intense our affair is. She caught us once in action so she know we do it behind her. Do not misjudge me. He loves her, he fucks her four times a day and she is not unhappy about our relationship, but ...

During sex I cited today. I think I saw it once in a movie. We both know that Jessica came back from her sport at 4pm. At 3:50 I told that Jessica comes back in 5 minutes and that he should give me another orgasm before. God it was so easy for him. A few minutes later I was on the street and quickly walked away.
Later I bought a bottle of water when I found a knotted condom in my handbag. It was not the first one. Aron seems to like the idea, but we never talked about it.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

The sperm in our relationship

Today Nadja and I talked about Cerapho. Puuh. Not a simple topic. How to tell your lesbian love, that you are still love to have some sperm? I am really addicted to this liquid. As Nadja knows about me and Cerapho, this topic was to come up. She was easy about it. She "allowed" me to satisfy my demands. For Cerapho the result is not so good. She do not like the idea of him, just show up to get a blowjob. But that is exactly what I liked in our relationship. To give a blowjob whenever he likes it. I promised her to reduce the amount of blowjobs and she was happy with it. To import occassionally some sperm into our relationship is not the worst idea, she added. We also somehow agreed, that this relationship will not go forever.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Finally lesbian

Hereby, I commit: I am in a lesbian relationship. Since today, I call Nadja my girlfriend. I called my (lesbian) sister Sarah and she was so happy for me. I also talked with Nikki today. She was pretty jealous (not so long ago I said to her, that I am not in lesbian love) but she has seen us now for a month, so she gratulated me. Later she called Cerapho for a love night. I wonder if she is going to be straight.

I hope this night will be as hot as my last night.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Lesbian week

Last week I had some days off but just after one day Nadja arrived and left just this morning. Since last Tuesday I have not weared any underwear and have been naked all the time. It was a sunny week, and between the fucks and the time on the roof-deck I did a lot of work on my laptop and Nadja learned a lot for her university lectures (at least when I do not break her concentration). I start to love the idea to be with Nadja. She is so lovely to me and everyone would say: What a couple. And Nadja who is like me a bisexual as well would perhaps be the right choice for the next relationship. But I am a bit afraid to tell my environment, especially my family about that.

Last friday, Cerapho rang at the door and since Nikki was not at home I opened the door in my naked glory and after a few seconds of smalltalk I gave head to him in the staircase. After he cummed I went back to my room (let the doors open, to allow him to spy a bit) and shared the cum with the shocked Nadja.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Are three too much ?

I give head to Cerapho, I lick Nadja and I fuck Aron. Is that right? Since start of this year I have acted like a bitch. But I have not picked up anyone from a party and have a one-night-stand. But this is more a lack of need than strength or lack of opportunities. Damn. I do not know if I should claim myself as a good girl or as a real bad girl.

Some pro and cons that I am a good girl:
  • I am always nice to my friends and to whole environment
  • My body is still innocent (no piercing / tatoos)
  • My family loves me
  • The count of my sexual partners is still beneath 10 despite I am currently 22
  • All my business colleques like me, men as well as women
  • I am a buddy type
  • I am easy, especially at oral sex
  • Like Clinton, Oral sex is no sex to me and therefore not worth to count
  • There are not so many sexual practices I have not done till now
  • I do it with women
  • I show of my body
  • My last real relationship is two years in the past
  • Temporary in the last year I had four lovers (Frank, Robert, Cerapho and Nadja)
  • I am wet during I wrote this.
In a few minutes hopefully Nadja will arrive and we will have a descent 69.



Saturday, August 02, 2003

Jessica, Jessica

Jessica is dumb. Today she visited me once again. We had a cocktail on in the whirl pool on my roof-deck, when she asked me the next stupid question. She asked me if I want to have a continueing affair with Aron. If the girl continues that way, she will loose him for sure. Okay, sharing the experience once with another girl, that is an idea I could imagine myself for a partnership, but never on a regulary base.

My answer was hard (to me): "No" But she insist on the topic. She want to have a girl, which is a friend of herself, so she can trust her. Trust and a 23cm dong. In the end she begged me and I agreed. What a mistake. But she started to kiss me to make sure I do not change my mind. I like her mouth. She has large lips like me and it is very hot to french kiss her. I invaded her pussy after a few minutes but she did not like it very much. She broke the kiss and told me, that she is - despite of the recent experience - is not in women. No shock for me, last time I had not cared much about her pussy, just awaiting Arons dick.

what a stupid girl

Friday, July 25, 2003

Oh god ...

... what a night. First I licked a bit with her but soon enaugh he was fucking me. It was incredible. This huge cock sliding up and down my pussy was an incredible feeling. I am used to long cocks - the twins have 20cm cocks - but his 23cm are another story especially with his thickness. Wow. Jessica was watching us over an hour while we are fucking our brains out.

This morning I left them before they woke up. I am not sure if this was the best answer to her question.

Thursday, July 24, 2003


Today Jessica was visiting me. To make it short: She invited me into her and Arons bed. She told me, that she always liked the idea to have sex with a girl. I do not believe this. I know Aron wants to fuck me from the first day on he saw me. I just believe that he talked Jessica into this.

But to be honest, the reason is not important. A fuck with Aron. Finally. I nearly fucked him once in a toilet. I said yes and in twenty minutes they will pick me up.



Monday, July 14, 2003

Mouth, Penis, Condom.

What is wrong in the headline? Yes, the Condom. I have never gave any guy a blowjob with a condom. Never. A lot of people told me to do because of STDs, but I do not like latex in my mouth. And to be honest in the last years I start to like the taste of cum and the feeling of an ejaculating penis in my mouth. During the first times I always use condoms during vaginal and (and in future) anal sex.

But this is not the story. I saw "Mädchen, Mädchen" yesterday night. A crazy film about three 15yo girls searching for their first orgasm. As a part of their preperation for the first time they train to roll a condom down a "shaft" just with their mouth. I trained this today as well, but on a real shaft. I tried it five times, but then Cerapho ended it and forced me to swallow. Afterwards I tried it another three times and the last two times I achieved my aim. I fought down my gag reflex years ago, but today with latex so deep in my mouth it came back. But I fought down it another time.


Monday, July 07, 2003

Oral sex

This afternoon I had oral sex with my buddy Cerapho. Nothing special you say? You are right. But the location was different. Outdoor? No, too boring. Cerapho invited me to one of his lectures. It was a business administration lecture and it was hold in the room 2300 of the old building of the Technical University of Munich. He guided me up to the gallery and showed me the room from above. Downstairs the the whole lecture hall was crowded. After a quarter of an hour the room was hot - about 40 degrees - the air was sultry and I in my light clothes was drenched. We talked a little bit but soon my braless sweaten tits do their job. Cerapho simple told me, that he wrote a test this morning and now he wants his reward. I know pretty well what his idea of this reward is, and I did not deny it to him. Between the benches in the last row of the gallery I gave him a blowjob he will never forgot. And I will not forgot either. I came during the blowjob. Normally this do not happen, but today due to the heat, the various noises and the risk I came. He shot his load in my mouth and the job was done. I was damb from my toes to my hair. He kissed me and afterwards we annoyed some male students who sat on the other side of the gallery. I think they knew pretty well what happened.



Saturday, July 05, 2003


Today Nikki and I hang around our pool for hours. We were both topless and I watched her tits for hours. First time since I knew her, I was impressed by her nipple piercings. Very impressed. Currently I am thinking about letting my body in his innocent form - I do not even wear earrings - or start to add some attachements. Even a clitoris piercing crosses my mind.


Thursday, June 26, 2003

Cerapho surprised me ....

... during my masturbation. I was shocked. Nobody ever visited me on my roof-deck without my invitation. Not even Nikki do that. A dry Hi was everything I could manage to say. He slipped beneath my hand and started to masturbate me. Masturbation is one thing, Masturbation by a foreigner is another - much better - thing. During a long french kiss I came hard. More than one time. I laid in his arms and he continuesly finger-fucked me. It takes an hour till he let my pussy alone. I was totally exhausted. I was asleep within minutes. He woke me up with another finger-fuck, but short after my orgasm I was asleep another time. The next time I woke up, he was sleeping below me. It was a simple scene I dreamed of. So romantic, so sexy, so beauntiful.

Later I woke him up with a blowjob. Now he is fucking Nikki. It was an error to let her fuck him.

lonely kisses

Friday, June 20, 2003


I told you about my roof-deck. It is ideal for a descent afternoon. After returning from the university or the job I usually shower, shave my pussy (yes I do it every day, I like it smooth) and afterwards lay down on my bed in the center of my private roof-deck. I read a book till I am sleepy, than I masturbate till I am slept.

By the way: I have not met Robert or Frank for three weeks now. Not to be fucked is good. Nadja had her birthday party in our apartment. It was a great party.


Thursday, June 12, 2003


Yes, they cheat on us. I told it Nadja last week and she did some field research. She found a DD girl who is a coiffeur. This prove is strong enaugh.

Later this day we told the twins, that we will leave them. Without any more sexual intercourse we left their gardeners house and left their lives.

Nadja cried a lot the last hours, but she will fetch herself soon enaugh.


Thursday, May 29, 2003

Something wrong

This aftermoon I fucked Robert. First I did not notice, but then after a few minutes I smelled it. There was the smell of another woman. First I thought Nadja changed her scent but then after checking this I am pretty sure there is another woman in the life of Robert.

Have to check this.


Friday, May 23, 2003

First weeks in my new rooms

Two weeks are gone and I am very happy in my new environment.
My curtains arrived by a package from the former renter of the appartment. I nearly left to buy somecurtains when Nikki told me about the package. The fabric is a red satin and between the main curtains there is this usual semi-transparent white curtain.
Today my twins repaired my outdoor jacuzzi. And it is working again. But it had a price: A blowjob beneath the water surface. They have heard from it in a movie and I had to suffer. It is tricky even to try it. I nearly drowned. If you close your nose it is possible for a few seconds, but do not suck on it.
Currently my twins lay in the Jacuzzi and I will finish my blog entry now. I wil have to pleasure them another way.


Monday, May 19, 2003

My rooms

I have to describe my rooms a little bit. I have three rooms at the south side of the penthouse. A huge bedroom (36sqm), a "small" hallway between the bath and the bedroom (12sqm) and the bath (16sqm).
Start with the hallway. On the wall to the apartment there is a single huge wardrobe. My clothes are not enaugh to fill a tenth of this monster. But it is useful. I pushed everything useless in it. The way itself is about 1,5 metres width and on the south side of this room there are three large windows from the bottom to the top of this wall. Due to they have these nice round arches on the top they look 100 years old. I have to buy some curtains for my whole area, because in to the west and the south there are buildings with the same height.
My bath is simple a class of its own. Like everything else in this building, nothing is cheap. The equipment: Two basins, a toilett, a BD, a large shower and huge bathtub. Everythink is there. The basins in marmoreal, the toilett, BD and the bathtub with golden looking equipment. But with the shower the troubles starts. It is a sort of hexagon and at least a metre width and depth. It is a chamber of its own, three metres high, three of the four directions totally in glass and from the inside the edges are tiled. But the real problem is this: It has two doors, one into the bath, the other to the outside of our roof-deck. Imagine: A bath with two sides with huge windows and a semi-public shower. I have really no problem to show of nude but this is a bit too much. But - and here I have to commit - there is a way out. The roof-deck is divided into sections. The section in front of my bath is very closed (Guess why) and the the window side will be equipped with curtains soon enaugh.
A word to my private roof-deck. It is fantastic. 16sqm, one side my bath, north side a wooden wall with flowers with a closeable door in it, and the east and south side a 1,3 metres high wall which is a half metre depth. Even if I am nude nobody can see me from beneath. In the open edge stands a defect hot tub (the Twins will care about it) and in the centre stands an iron bed. I found the pillows in my wardrobe.
Okay, finishing my roof-deck. The bedroom. Very empty till now. My old bed and desk in it, but nothing else. The room itself is very impressive. The usual three metres high, on the west and south side with the usual windows.

Why Nikki gave me this fantastic room for nothing? Her own room is larger and she has a bath with an indoor Jaccuzi.


Sunday, May 11, 2003

Finishing the move

Today I emptied my room. Together with Joel, Robert, Frank, Nadja, Doris, Jessica, Aron, Cerapho and Nikki this was a very simple tasks. The boys (and Joel) transported all my furniture within the early afternoon and the girls simply managed anything else. At six o'clock the room was empty, my bath utilities in a case, my kitchen parts in a box and Dories had cried a lot. However An hour later it was done.

Frank is currently in the shower and I will initiate my room in a few minutes. I am very lucky that Nikki and Aron managed the internet topic for me. Aron bought a so called WLAN equipment. Despite my fears that Aron bought shit, this equipment is very well. Intel stuff. Wireless LAN. Crazy thing. A am girl who was raised with Ethernet cables and classic NICs from 3com. Just wired.

Frank finished his shower ...


Tuesday, May 06, 2003

A Decision

Today I made my decision. I will move to Nikki on the next weekend. My flat mates were not very happy with it, but they accepted my decision after they saw the penthouse. Especially the small Doris is very unlucky about it whereas Joel is not very angry. He is the first and will be the last in the flat community. For him it is just the consequence of time.

But there will be a party. A large party. Doris parties her 20th birthday, Henrick and I will leave the flat and Joels boyfriend will move in. The party is next weekend Mai 10th, 2003.

Friday, May 02, 2003


This morning I received a call from Nikki, I just finished my second oral sex on Robert when she told me to come over. After my first lesson at the university I walked over to her place (it is pretty near to the LMU).
She came fast to the point: She wants me to move into her appartment. She checked all her friends but just found me. And I really think about it. Now after three years in my flat I perhaps need a change. And to be honest, a 36 square metre room, a 16 square metre bath in a 300 sq.m. apartment is a nice outlook. I have to think about it.


Friday, April 25, 2003

Nikki !!!

After nearly a month today I start my own little investigation. And it was easy. I drove to her home and was pretty astonished that a large pantechnicon van was on the street. I asked the worker and he told me, that one of the vans is driving towards Hamburg, the other one just to Schwabing. Later I asked one the driver - with the aid of my cleavage - if he took me with him towards Schwabing and I got a positive reply - as usual.
We hold in the front of a large house near the english garden. I asked him for the apartment and he simply point with his fat fingers to the top of the building. I went upstair within the building and at the end of the chairs there was a white door which was half open. I went inside and heard the family voice of Nikkis moaning. I was in a large hall and I had to walk a little bit till I reached the room where Nikki was fucking somone on a chair. She just came when she saw me. Her face went red immediately. My first thought was: How unusual for her, but then I remembered to the only situation which she unsure about in her sexual life. She was fucking her dad. I saw a photo months ago in her bedroom and it was his hair. I looked around to leave the room, but she was faster. She ran over to me and begged me to forgive her. At that moment her father stood up and I had to blink. He has a very nice sexual organ. Not very large, but thicker than normal, clean shaved, without any deformation and two perfect balls beneath. "Hi", he said and in this moment I blushed. "Josephine, this is my father, father this is Josephine, the girl I told you." He pulled up his trousers and said: "You are the first girl ever, she claimed a friend of her." I noded. "Sorry for the scene. But I will move towards Hamburg and we use every second." "Not just for sex", said Nikki and told her father: "Could you leave us alone, dad?" He smacked her naked ass and was gone towards the entrance of the appartment. My simple question was: "Nikki?"

Here is the answer: Her grandmas testament was a good thing for Nikki. Every child, grandchild or married child got his piece of the large cake. Nikkis dad now owns a small designer studio in Hamburg and she now hold a real estate company with twenty different buildings in munich. The company is managed by a employee and her lawyer prooves the company from time to time. It has a large financel estate and simple returns money to her own fortune. And when the manager of the company saw her own flat, he insist that she moved to this penthouse. The former renter - a former soccer pro - has left it a month ago. The flat is at least 400 square meter large, four bedrooms with 4 bathes, a huge kitchen, a dinning room and a living area which is very large, including an indoor swimming pool and a winter garden.

Incredible. Enough for today

Friday, April 18, 2003

Real group sex

My first real group sex. Nadja, the twins and I myself. Every few minutes changing the partner, doing oral, vaginal and anal intercourse. A few years ago, I said I would never do group sex. How time change a mind. Tonight I hope, Nadja will visit us. Till now, only my twins are fucking me. During my typing my two twins are resting.

Another thing concerns me. I have not heard anything from Nikki since the funeral. Since I knew her, I saw her at least once a week.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Nadjas pussy...

... is clean shaven, has large lips, a huge clitoris and is very pink. Today was the first time I sucked a girls pussy. I have sucked so many pricks, but never thought about going down on a girl.
It was easy and hard at the same time. Easy, because I know very well where and how to lick, hard because my tongue could not reach the necessary speed. She changed in sixty-nine and I was a happy girl.

Later after two descent orgasm I convienced her to come back to the twins. She was not very happy with them. In her opinion they betrayed her more than one way. She is right, but I think she is thinking of the advantages like me.


Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Jessicas Birthday

Jessica invited us all to her party. At 19:00 she invited us for a dinner. At 18:45 Frank ejaculated in me and zipped his fly. We have lost track of time and so we went into a hurry. But at 19:30 we arrived at the party.
Jessica is a good cook. I have always liked to eat her chinese food. After the dinner we chatted about an hour before we went to the Nightflight, a disco in the north of munich.
At a slow moment I thought about my two other friends Nikki and Nadja. Nikki has not answered my calls since the funeral of her grandma and Nadja was still angry with the twins. It will take a time.


Tuesday, March 25, 2003

First lesbians licks ... and the end of a secret

Tonight Nadja went down on me. From my former boyfriends I always demand that they lick me, but this girl was better. Much better. The oral pleasure she gave me was fantastic. And she told me, that she has never done this before. I do not believe this.

But then another thing happened. Our twins came back from their work shift and caught us in the act. They do not hesitate very long. The stripped and fucked us. Nadja was very confused. She was just in getting used to the idea to be fucked by her boyfriend in front of his brother and her friend, when he came into her. Immediately the twin I sucked of turned behind her and continues to fuck her. She tried to escape but he fucked her continuesly. She complained why Robert fucks her, my only answer was, why she is so sure that it is really Robert (it was Robert, but that is not very important).

Later - after her first sandwich - we both laid in the tube and I told her about my exploration a few months ago. She has never thought about being fucked by both twins.

Wonder what happens next.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

Nikki at the funeral

Tonight Cerapho and I went to the funeral of Nikkis grandma. I was astonished. It was huge. About hundred people. Nikkis mother had seven sisters and further 6 adopted sisters. All seems to works fine for the grand family except Nikki and her father. They do not fit in this community.

Later this day I received my answer. Cerapho asked a bit around and presented it to me: Her grandfather was a very successfull business man. He earned a lot, raised some companies and even built his own little empire. But he died a few years ago. All of his childs was well educated, some of them now leading the companies he built, some are doctors and other are lawyers. He did not like just one kid: Nikkis mother.


Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Nikkis Grandma is dead

I was out with Nikki today and while we were walking through the english garden her father called her. He told her, that her grandma on the side of the mother just died. A tear dropped out of Nikkis eyes immediately. I have not known much about her grandma but I know that she counts a lot to Nikki. Nikki has nothing within on which she can rely. She is very good in school but that does not count for her. She is very proud on her fucking capabilities but on nohting else. Instead she has some points on which she rely: Her "secret" lake, her grandma, her father and perhaps me and Cerapho. And now her grandma is dead.

I took her home to my flat and she cried a lot. An hour ago she drove home to her father.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Fit again

After three weeks of illness now I am fit again.

Joel, the homosexual in my flat community asked me something pretty private today. He asked me to join for a threesome with his current boyfriend. But I denied. No idea why, but somehow, my twins are still my twins. But I helped him to convience Nikki.

I have not told you much about Doris, Henrik and Joel, my flat mates. To make it simple: Henrik is an asshole and will finish his study course and will leave in a few month. Joel is an ideal gay. He looks like a gay, he speaks like a gay and act like a gay. I stood naked in front of him and he did not care. He is 28 and was at the first flat mate in this appartment. Doris is still our chicken. Now she is 20 years old but still very shy and silent. She is a typical poor student.

Tonight will be a fun. Nikki came over and she and the two boys just went to their bedroom. I am sitting here lonely with my notebook and a glass of wine. Damn. But tomorrow I will visit the twins.


Friday, February 28, 2003


Today, my friends Jessica and Aron visited me. Till last weekend these damn fever do not want to fall. Aron in his business suit. Huh. I like this dress of a junior consultant.

They told me of the "small" party of my twin boys. Hell I was angry. They had invited a lot of young girls with their boys and the party went pretty wild. They have not told me anything of that.

But sweet revenge is cold revenge and I will get my revenge.

Monday, February 24, 2003


Damn fever. Too much party last weekend a now at the start of the week, I lay in my bed and sweat like hell. At wednesday my twins will have their birthday. The last month, since I knew my twins secret, I have a great time. And I had a lot more of sex than before.

I do not care any more who of the both is my boyfriend. This love element is not any longer in this relation. But the sex is better than ever before. To simply switch after one of them ejaculated into me to the other is great thing. But the best is still a simple hard sandwich fuck or a threesome in any way.

have to stay in bed


Thursday, February 13, 2003

Sauna ... and Nikkis Birthday

Today I was out with my gang. Jessica and Aron picked me and Nadja up and we drove to the Westbad where Nikki already awaited us. Nadja and I have let the twins behind to have a girls night. We stand there, paid the expensive tickets, and wait for a free clothing cabinet but just one opened after a long minute. It was rush hour. Nadja, Nikki and me went inside and Jessica went a bit crazy and simply pushed Aron and herself into as well. She closed the cabine and there we were. Five young humans in a too small room. After 10 seconds Nikki upper body was already naked and she just pushed down her jeans. Jessica and I followed her just Nadja seems to have a problem with Arons silence. She asked him if he is too shy to strip down. Too shy to strip down he laughed. Jessica - now naked - comes over and pushed Nadja to him. Pull him out, she said. She pushed her a second time and now Nadja open his trousers and pushed it down. Wow, was all she said, God damn wow. Aron laughed once again and start to strip. I laughed as well.

Later I was alone with Nikki. We were both on the outdoor pool of the Westbad. She was somehow sad in her corner so I sat me beside her. A asked her what the problem is today. At first she not even want to answer me, but then she told me her problem. Today was Februar 13, 2003. 18 years after her birth. Today is her birthday. And nobody except of her father has remembered it.

I was a bit shocked. There she is once again with tears in her eyes. I always forgot how lonely this girl really is. I am her single real friend beneath Cerapho. She really needs a girlfriend, a nice young girl which is at least bisexual.

I gave her a kiss on her forehead and asked her about Cerapho. He has never forgot any birthday, not my one, neither anyone else one. She had never told him her birthday. What a crazy girl. I gave her a short kiss on her lips to perk her up. I have a birthday present I lieed. Dirty liar, she answered. But I present it to her: A further kiss, but the french way. I pushed her hand - which had cupped my breasts within seconds - behind her and slowly fingerfucked her.

This is something I have never done with a girl before. Nadja and I have done a lot of french kisses or tits fundling but we have never touched each others pussies.

Despite she orgasmed very hard and long she was very silently so nobody seems to notice us except of the couples left and right of us. "Is this a birthday present." She just hugged me.

In the sauna we fetched up to the others again and had a lot of fun with some teenagers. Nikki showed them her pussy very clear, and when Jessica and I spread our legs a bit one of them even turned around. But the real hit landed Aron when he spread his legs and showed off his real size to the young girl of this group.


Saturday, February 08, 2003

Conter revenge

Today I was raped. Raped by my two boyfriends who cannot stand it any longer. They pinned me in their kitchen and fucked me the hard way from behind. Afterwards in Roberts bedroom they gave me a descent sandwich fuck.

I was a fuck toy. And I liked it. I liked it very much. Never seen such blue balls at a guy. Wow.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Revenge Part III

After tricking them, telling them the story with Cerapho now the third part of my revenge. Since my birthday no one of my twins have been ejaculated with my help. To prevent that Nadja is fucked instead I threat them to tell her their twin trick.

To make it not too easy I occasionally start a blowjob on them or show a little to much of my cleavage. Simply I make them hard.

Two weeks without a fuck is pretty hard for me. But I will stand another week.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

No love, no resistance

I was out with Cerapho tonight. I should never go out with a friend, when I am on my horny days. He has to stand a lot. First I told him from my birthday, than I said to him, that I am no longer in love with Robert and an hour later I asked him to please me.
A quarter of an hour ago he left me after a more than delicious oral exchange. Wow. I thank god for the good old 69 position.


Thursday, January 23, 2003

The revenge and my birthday present

Today is my birthday. I am a proud 22 years old twin fucker !!!

Today I had my revenge. First I bound the one point twin to a bed (I do not say his bed) and fucked him till he ejaculated in my pussy. I blindfolded and gagged him and walked over to the kitchen instead of fucking him further more. Five minutes the other twin arrived from the work in the garden and I put my best smile I ever had and said: "Hi Robert, wait for you for an hour." I dropped in front of him and sucked him a while till he pulled me up and shove his dick in my pussy. And at this point he knew that there is something wrong. His face went serious but he has still continued to fuck me. I asked him: "Hey, what is your name, Frank or Robert? And do not tell me, it is Robert. I just fucked another one of you who told me, that he is Robert." In this moment he came.

Later they told me, that they fucked me both since the first week of my relationship to Robert. They admitted that they do this with every girlfriend one of them have. But I am the first one who caught them. They tried to apology for this error but I was - and still don't be - interested in any form of explanation. I simply told them, that from this day on, I do not care any more who is who. I simply fuck anyone who looks like a twin. And love is something I deny to both of them but I do not told them.

To my birthday present: Does anyone heard of a sandwich fuck ;-)


Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Field research - The result

In the last five days, I have had 19 times sexual intercourse plus 8 full blowjobs. I fucked the one point guy 11 times, the two point guy 8 times. Now looking on my sheet I had to admit: I am dumb. 19 times in five days. An hour ago I asked Najda about her sexual activity the last days (I did not tell her why): 11 times. Together 30 fucks. 15 per guy. In five days. Three a day. Okay, manageable but hard for a boy.

To be fucked by both is not very hard to me - I already suspected it -, why not they are guys. But it is a bit to systematic to be without revenge.

Friday, January 17, 2003

A dot, or two?

Today was interesting. Very interesting.

Early this morning we did a hard fuck in my bedroom in the city and afterwards we both laid side by side. I saw his heels a few centimeters from my face when my eye hits two very small points at his ankles. I know, some parents do that too her twins to divide them, so it was no problem to me (a tattoo would not be a problem too).

I went to the university and sometime at the mensa it hits me: Two points on my first born Robert? Wow.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Sarahs birthday

Tonight I visited together with Robert my sisters birthday party. She is very lesbian. Robert and Kathrins boyfriend have been the only boys on the party. I got a lot of compliments about my ass (and my tits) but after I ease Roberts pressure on the toilet I visibly lost my charm.

Sarahs girlfriend is not as beauntiful as she herself. No damage, she is still nice. Her character is pretty as well. I like her.


Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2003. If the this year continues like the last year ends it will get turbulent. The last two nights I had the sex of my life. We even triggered an orgasm to midnight. Robert argument it the simple way: No sex since a week. He and his brother were pretty alone during the fest and now during Silvester when Nadja and me returned to their gardener house they fucked our brains out. Roberts load was incredible. In my life I had a lot of cum in my mouth but never this amount - at least not from one person.
When I talked to Nadja this morning she told me a similar story about Frank - the name still disturbs me - just it was her pussy instead of her mouth. I like her more and more. We are like sisters. In the morning after a long and hard night we sit together, giggling around and suffer from our sore genitals.