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Long talk with my sister

Sarah and I had a walk at the coast of the Starnberger sea today. I asked her, why she has problems with boys. I do not understand her. She is shy - she always has been - but she has the body of my sister or at least of my own one. Later I convinced her to tell me the problem: She had a very bad sexual experience. At the age of sixteen her first oral partner forced her to swallow his cum. She has never recovered from this experience.
This boy was a former class mate of me and years ago, in 1993 at a class trip he forced me as well to swallow his load. It was not my first one, not even my first one who forced me but definately one on whom I have later never performed again.
She was a bit shocked when I told her that I like to swallow cum. She already knows that I am easy with oral - everyone knows, even my father. But she was shocked a lot more, when I told her, that Oswald - the name of this asshole - received a blowjob from me.
She asked me about my lesbian experience. She laughed about…

My lesbian sister

I told you yesterday, that my little sister was crying. She is an 18 years old girl with a problem: She is a lesbian. And she told it today our strict catholic parents. I found her in her bed - my old bed, btw. - and sat me behind her. She told me under tears that she has a girlfriend and she wants to introduce her to our parents. What a mistake and this at christmas. I took her in my arms and had stayed the night at her. My father got very angry at breakfast when he heard of my understanding. But I am not Sarah, I am Josephine. My father has always loved me and my will is a bit stronger than hers.
We talked for three hours till he could accept it. At least as a current mood of my sister. He was not very happy with Kathrin and her boyfriend as well. But he was happy with me. I did not told him much about the second half of my last year.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year. An hour ago I bought my last christmas present (for Frank and Nadja). I am at home at Starnberg and I am glad to be here at my parents place together with my brother and sisters. Dominik and Florian - my both brothers - were happy to see me. Dominik - the younger one, 20 years old - told me a story of my little sister Kathrin. She is currently 14 years old and already a bombshell. She has a lot of young boys around her and the last time I talked to her, she was just selecting Mr. Right for her deflowering. And what Dominik told me, is that she had selected a 21 years old sportsman from the local soccer club - remember ??? - and let him fuck her. I asked her later and she commited it and add, that now she has a 15 years old friend and they are fucking every single day.

I have to stop here, my other sister is crying in the other room.


Sweet kisses

Tonight we were all out. Frank with his girl Nadja (by the way) and Robert with me. Huh. What a night. We were dancing for hours till late in the night. Robert and Frank left us soon alone and we had a long night. Nadja and I left the club at around 3 o'clock and we walk towards Schwabing. She guided me till my flat (she lived a block later) and in the door of the building we start kissing. Do not ask me, how it had started but in the end she has my tits in her hands and I was just without free will. We kissed about an hour till my flat mate Henrik arrived with his girl. He came over and simply said: "Never again tell me, you are not bisexual." Nadja turned her head and answered for me: "She won't"

Another wall in me was broken tonight. But I do not know, if I should tell it Nikki.


HIV Results ... and Roberts first cum in my pussy

We are all negative. What a happy day for my pussy. I had taken care of this result and wore a skirt despite of this bad temperatures. Frank invites us to the next cafe but Robert had a better idea. He told his brother that we will meet them a bit later in the cafe and guide me in a side street. A few seconds later he pushed me in a house entrance and start to open my cloak. I told him to stop but he did not care. He rose my skirt pulled my slip aside and entered me. I forgot my objections and enjoy this new feeling.
We sat five minutes in the cafe when I went to toilet (it was a heavy load). But before I even entered the stall Robert was one time again behind me, pushed me in the stall and start to fuck me again. What a stamina. He squirted once again and I literally flew out.

Tomorrow is a test at the university and I have to learn a bit but till now I still enjoy my wet pussy.


Being watched

Today I saw my first voyeur. I am pretty sure I have been watched before, but I never could see anyone. I fucked Robert in their house in the backyard of a huge villa when I saw this little girl in a window left of me. I whispered it to Robert but he just answered: "It is one of the grandsons of the boss. It is not the first time." I complained and then told him, that it is a girl. "The granddaughter. First time visited the window half an year ago", was his simple answer.
Afterwards I do not care any longer about this little girl. An hard ass fuck convinced me to care about other things.


ps: Next week Robert, his brother, his girlfriend and I will visit the doctor for a HIV test.

Defloration III

My ass is burning like hell. Tonight my anus was deflowered by Robert. Incredible feelings I can tell you. I orgasmed immediate after the penetration. Such a foreign feeling.

Robert fucking capabilities are fantastic. He always fucks me with his penis (not with his hand or tongue) to multiple orgasm. What the rumors told me before is a truth: At least his dick is about 20cm long, not compareable to Arons, but more than long enough. And it is very thick. Due to my tight pussy and his fat dick our orgasm rate is fantastic.

Back to my ass: I have never thought this is such a fun. It is much more intensive than the vanilla way.