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Showing posts from November, 2002

Ceraphos present

Cerapho is a lucky man. Last week he had his birthday (Nobody knows his age, but I know the date - which is more than a lot of his friends knows) and the present I brought was Nikki. Since Robert fucked me I deny blowjobs to him and he was getting very used to this. But Nikki the sweetie she is helped me with this problem (very willingly). Nikkis relation to Cerapho is a bit difficult because Nikki has a little bit too much respect to him (respect is for Nikki a foreign word, she normally respects nobody). But this changed today. She gave him a blowjob which was impressive. I have never watched a girl before when she is going down on someone. I always considered my own oral skills as well developed but the five minutes I watched her till he shot his load on her face I learned a lot.
When she came back from the toilet she threw her slip onto my bed and start - without a second of delay - to cover his penis with a condom and fuck him. I was thrilled. In my 21 years I have never seen anot…

Sex Date

If this is the start of a relation with Robert, I will have a great time. In the moment I left my home I got a long French kiss. I love this boy. He drove me to one of the suburbs of Munich to visit one of his workplaces. A very large villa of a former top manager. He told me, that their employers are currently visiting south Africa and they do housekeeping for them. He directly brought me to the dining room and served me a fantastic dinner. Afterwards we sat down in the sitting room and had a lot of fun till I asked about the room behind a large closed door. He just said: Check yourself. I stand up, walked over to the door and opened it. I could not believe my eyes. A huge indoor pool.

The rest of the night was a logic consequence: I slipped out of my robe and my stilettos and jumped into the pool. "It is time to fuck me", was the last sentence for hours.

At three o'clock in the night it was the last time he squirted into a condom. The next morning he brought me breakfast…

Sorry girls - I suck dick

Nikki visited me today and brought me two shirts. The first with the text "Sorry girls - I suck dick". Nice shirt, I had to commit but she present me a second: "Sorry boys - I eat pussy", if I change my mind. I had to laugh.

Robert is here in two hours.

Second Date

Tonight we went to the cinema. We watched Minority Report but I was not very interested in the film. One of his hand lay around my neck and I was simply aroused. Earlier this night he even touched my ass.
A few minutes ago we ended our french kissing. I am still thrilled. It has been at least an hour before it ended. I still feel his hand between my legs or his hand beneath my shirt. But I could resist and leave him alone at the street.