Friday, October 25, 2002

First Date

I was out with Robert tonight. He was a real gentleman. We walked a bit through the English Garden, walked down the Leopold Street and ended up in the Atomic Cafe. We danced a little bit and had a lot of fun. Afterwards he brought me to my flat and I was happy that he kissed me goodbye.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Twin number

I prepared very well yesterday and the operation was successful. I have the phone number and an email address. For the first time in my life I thanked my parents for my tits. They were necessary to get their attention. Very important. At last night parties it was awfuller than at the party before. It was a two girl one boy party and it seems the superfluous girls all wants to fuck my twin. But I had the largest cleavage and the tightest top so I won the place on his lap. I flirt with this boy - it was Robert - a long time before I received the number of his mobile phone. And be a lady with class I left him in this moment and went home.

I know, I am a bitch, but hey, here I am.

Friday, October 18, 2002

Sexy dreams

I dreamed last night about the Twins. Incredible. In the university I start daydreaming about them.

Just hope to see them on Saturday

Wednesday, October 16, 2002


Last night I saw an anygirls dream: Two identical and absolutely beauntiful twins. They are blond, muscular (they wore transparent shirts), fantastic abdominals and an ass to die for. I first saw one of the two and followed him till I saw the second twin. On his lap sat a beauntiful girl and around the first twin a group of girls. I watched this scene about fifteen minutes from a place at the bar. I was simply damp.

Later that night I sat on the lap of the host - Jerald, an old fellow student of me - and asked him about the twins. He was smilling and told me, that he want to get paid for this knowledge. I asked him about the payment and he simply said: A blowjob.

How I hate this. For every men in this world, a blowjob seems to be an adequate possibility for girls to pay bills. For a man, it is simply the next beer. For a woman it is a blowjob. On the other hand - and here I have to defend the men - a lot of girls use this to have a cheap life. Nikki in example never have any money with her. Never. When I was younger I had gone down on a lot of boys for a bill (without knowledge of my boyfriends).

I grimaced and asked: "Fellatio?" He answered yes and I replied Okay. We went to his bedroom (it was a private party) and I sucked him quickly to near orgasm but I stopped and asked: "The Twins!" He complains. I replied that I will finish him after the story. I start a slow handjob and he start to tell me about the Twins.

They are Frank und Robert Wagner. Rumors told, not even their parents can divide them. They are 25 years old and are working for a gardener service. Their former ex girlfriends are telling stories about very impressive cocks. Another legend is that only one of the two has a girlfriend while the other is a single. That was all he knew. And for that he wants a blowjob. No address, no phone number, no other information. Just rumors.

I wanted to finish it with the handjob but he insisted on the blowjob, so I finished him within minutes. When I left the room the twins were gone but a boy told me, that on the next saturday they are on his party so I will have my chance.


Sunday, October 06, 2002

Suck day

Cerapho and I was out for a suck day today. He organized a car and we drive toward the mountains. We both knew very well, what this day really is: Not a small excursion, just a sexual release for us both.
To be honest: In the last two month we had a lot of encounters. And normally he was the lucky one. It was not by him or me, just the fact, that fellatio is easier served in public than cunniculus. And I really like to go down on him. But today was payday. And he paid back very well.