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Showing posts from October, 2002

First Date

I was out with Robert tonight. He was a real gentleman. We walked a bit through the English Garden, walked down the Leopold Street and ended up in the Atomic Cafe. We danced a little bit and had a lot of fun. Afterwards he brought me to my flat and I was happy that he kissed me goodbye.

Twin number

I prepared very well yesterday and the operation was successful. I have the phone number and an email address. For the first time in my life I thanked my parents for my tits. They were necessary to get their attention. Very important. At last night parties it was awfuller than at the party before. It was a two girl one boy party and it seems the superfluous girls all wants to fuck my twin. But I had the largest cleavage and the tightest top so I won the place on his lap. I flirt with this boy - it was Robert - a long time before I received the number of his mobile phone. And be a lady with class I left him in this moment and went home.

I know, I am a bitch, but hey, here I am.


Last night I saw an anygirls dream: Two identical and absolutely beauntiful twins. They are blond, muscular (they wore transparent shirts), fantastic abdominals and an ass to die for. I first saw one of the two and followed him till I saw the second twin. On his lap sat a beauntiful girl and around the first twin a group of girls. I watched this scene about fifteen minutes from a place at the bar. I was simply damp.

Later that night I sat on the lap of the host - Jerald, an old fellow student of me - and asked him about the twins. He was smilling and told me, that he want to get paid for this knowledge. I asked him about the payment and he simply said: A blowjob.

How I hate this. For every men in this world, a blowjob seems to be an adequate possibility for girls to pay bills. For a man, it is simply the next beer. For a woman it is a blowjob. On the other hand - and here I have to defend the men - a lot of girls use this to have a cheap life. Nikki in example never have any money with …

Suck day

Cerapho and I was out for a suck day today. He organized a car and we drive toward the mountains. We both knew very well, what this day really is: Not a small excursion, just a sexual release for us both.
To be honest: In the last two month we had a lot of encounters. And normally he was the lucky one. It was not by him or me, just the fact, that fellatio is easier served in public than cunniculus. And I really like to go down on him. But today was payday. And he paid back very well.