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Showing posts from August, 2002

Ralph kicked me

Okay, it seems, that the condom topic was an important topic for him. He dropped me like a hot potato. If you asked me yesterday, I would not mind him but today I am angry with him. Tonight he tried me to loose my resistance. He tried to fuck me without condom, to mouth fuck me and even tried to deflower my anus. He fucked me four times last night. I even let him shot his seed into my face.
He had his good bye fuck. I will be his last fuck with me.

good by small size penis

The rubber question

"Why we still use a rubber. I have a guilty HIV test", he questioned me. My answer was simple:
"As long as you fuck another girl, we will use a rubber."

And to be honest: I do not like his penis very much. I can not imagine how this small thing will satisfy me without the protection of a condom. In my mouth (without a condom) he came within seconds and I do not like to think about how fast he came into my wet pussy.

Ralphs Girlfriend

Tonight I met Ralphs girlfriend on a party we all were invited. I think she has known it from the first second she saw me. It was so awkward. We already had sex today and I just blushed in front of her.
But she has not confronted me. What a luck.

No sucking for Ralph

I do not suck Ralphs cock any more, at least not before sex. He told me a whiny story about not been sucked by any girl before (this is possible) but this did not impress me.
An hour ago we had a quicky on a toilet in bar at the Leopoldstra├če. To do a quick fuck in clothes is for me very thrilling. I really like it. The short movement of my skimpy tanga and a dick which is shoved into me.


I have to introduce Ralph. We fuck now for three weeks without being a couple. He is 22 years old, a motor mechanic by job and his body is, what shall I say, muscular. His favourite position is (till now) the doggy one but fucks me in missionary too.
And he is very keen on to be sucked before sex. No problem to me, but he squirts the most time im my mouth instead of fucking me. Squirt is no problem, but not ready to fuck me afterwards, that is a problem. I hope he will get this under his control.

But there is another thing I have to tell you: His dick size. Strong man have small dicks. In this case it is true. His penis is just 14cm long. Erected. Cerapho is at 18cm (I messured) and Aron is at 24 cm. But he is well enough for my pussy.