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Okay, ...

Jessica was not very surprised. She told me, that for a half year now I have been a cat in heat for every boy in my environment. A cat in heat. Okay, maybe she is right. I had a lot of dirty fantasies, I dressed me sometimes like a bitch and imagine, I give Cerapho blowjobs just for fun.

Today Ralp, the guy I fucked last Tuesday sent me a mail. He want to see me as soon as possible.


Last night and the whole day I had sex.

Yeaah. Sex.

I met this guy yesterday in the late afternoon in a pub where Cerapho introduced him to me. He was cute, smart and ... a cheater. At least now. Cerapho warned me but I just had eyes for the guy, not for the advice of my best friend. But this guy flirted with me and it was so obvious that he want to fuck. I went with him and wow, I was deflowered a second time. I forgot how filled up my pussy is with a dick. I came after a few strokes. When he came the first time I was already at my second orgasm. We fucked the whole night, this morning, the afternoon till nine o'clock. This entry is the first thing I do after this sex marathon. My pussy is sore and still open but I think his penis is not really in a better state. It was my first one night stand. Or better my first one day stand however a rubber in my pussy is good feeling.

My number three, without the blowjobs I have given.

Arons luck

Aron is a happy man. To be sucked of every few hours, to have a girlfriend which he loves and which adores him, to have a dick so ..., a lot of nice girls around him and now, a job as a junior consultant in a big consulting company. He is a lucky man.
In a month Jessica and Aron move to a new - and common - flat. Till today she has lived at her parents and has met Aron always at his small room with its thin walls. She told me, that she is looking forward to the moment where she is really alone with Aron.

But back to Arons luck. The hours ago, we have been at the sea and we fulfill his wish: A topless day in the wood. Okay, he has seen us all in our naked glory before but I think outside of a sauna, this is another chapter. Nikki was not a problem for nobody but I had a problem. To strip down my bikini top is not the problem, but in the jealousy of Jessica. We all know pretty well, that he just want to have a look at my tits. Nikki is naked in every second in the forest and Jessicas tits…