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Jessica knows .... nothing

A few minutes ago, I met Jessica. She asked me why I am so red in my face, but I did not tell her anything about Aron. She told me about Aron, and how good he was in bed the last few days. I cannot believe how easy she talks about sex with me. It it damn easy for her, but not for me.

God, what have I done


I feel so worse. The events of last night should never happen again. I gave a blowjob to my best friend boyfriend. Out of my free will. How could this happen?

I am so ashamed.


I was out with my dick dream tonight. I speak of Aron, Jessicas boyfriend. To go out with him, with or without Jessica, is pretty simple. He is a nice guy and we had a lot of fun. He tease me with his bulge in his trousers, I tease him back with my body. This game started in the sauna and has got more and more dangerously every time we met. He knows about my affection to his dick - I have never made any secret of it - and I know very well about his looks at my body. Till know this game was innocent. A slap on our butts or a too long hug were the highest game prices.

But this night was different. I know that Jessica was not able to come with us and start to prepare for a night with Aron and his dick. I dressed tight trousers, a bra and a sheer, belly-free black top and nothing else. Later in the disco we danced for hours till early in the morning. I love his breast (he is very athletic) and his bulge so we danced very narrowly. But then the problem starts. I first realized when it was t…

A good day for my heart

Cerapho visited me today. He will leave the army in two weeks and just want to warm up our friendship. We were out and had a lot of fun together. The army has not changed him very much. Good he has this story fable like every other guy who went to the army, but this is not bad. Tell me horny, but I like this guy everytime a bit more.



Today is a bloody day. I am girl with a lot of luck. And my cycle is part of my luck. Compared to the complains of other girls I am free of pain during my period. Why I tell you that in this blog? Because it is part of my life. To be honest: On my period I am a bit bitchy. My two ex boyfriends had to stand a lot during these days. Especially the first one. He was 15, I was 14. During our two years of relationship he had never managed the days in his small brain. I deny sex with him during the period and we had a lot of problems due to it. The second boyfriend Frank, my current last one, did not care much about my objections and just fucked me. I denied it just one time.