Tuesday, April 30, 2002

My small brother's girlfriend

My small 19 year old brother and his girlfriend were here last night. He has this dumb girl for a year now and I know pretty well why: Cause of her tits. My breast are not the smallest - a normal C cup - but this girl double the size at least. I do not even want to estimate her cup. A double D at least. I do not like oversized tits, but my brother does. He have never had a girl with a cup smaller than C. Till now he have had just one really serious girlfriend, an intelligent, well educated and nice girl ... with a D cup. From my little sister I know, that this girl is just a better fuck toy for him. She told me, that he is used to fuck her at least trice a day. And he told me, that she is fantastic cocksucker and willing to perform at him. Very willing. Perhaps another time I tell you something about some places.

Why I tell you all about this: I have never seen such a beaver at a girl of her age. She has never shaved or trimmed her pubic hair.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Like a 13 yo girl ...

Yesterday I was at a party. So far so good. Late in the night a I received an horny look on my ass. I wiggled my ass a bit and showed him more of my back to the guy. He came over - he was young and beauntiful - and grapped my ass as soon as possible. I do not mind because I was a lot hornier than he was. We chatted a few seconds - just a few and I do not remeber anything of it - before I whispered into his ear: "Fuck me". I turned around and guided his hand directly to my hot pussy. After a short massage we started to search for a room. They were all used by couples like us so we wait on the floor. He opened my jeans and continue with his intim massage in my slip. He was so used to the female sex. The last time I received such a good finger fuck was in my childhood as 13 yo girl. He rubbed me to orgasm a few times in the ten minutes on the floor. Just in the moment I started to return the favour and giving him head, Jessica had shown up.

Damm. The first penis in my hand since nearly a year. If only Jessica had shown up a few seconds later, so that I could suck at least one time on his cock.

This morning I was so ashamed. I have not shaved for four months and the guy last night played with an unshaven pussy. Now a few hours later I am shaved and my pussy is smooth and hairless like a baby skin ;-)



Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Telephone Sex

Nikki is a slut. Caused by her horrible life or not, she is a slut. Yesterday I phoned her and she was fucking when she took the call. I was standing at a munich place - the Stachus, by the way - and she was moaning into the cell phone. Okay, for me and a lot of other people - perhaps you too - it is usual to take a call of a friend during sex. But when I did it, I stop fucking or when I continue, I do it silently. And I make the chat short. When I called Nikki she did not even think to stop the fuck or hide it. I heard her lover, she moaned into the phone and I even heard her body slapping at each other.

I met her this morning and asked her about this behaviour. She told me, that she did not want to stop having sex just of call. When I asked her about not to respond the call, she told me, that she is taking the calls of any of her friends whenever it is possible.

Friday, April 05, 2002

Nikkis horrible life

Yesterday something real unbelievable happened. It was late in the evening, around 23 o'clock when Nikki rang at our flat. She stormed in my room, closed the door, pushed me to bed and started to kiss me. I was really shocked. She started to fumble my breast and invade my pyjama bottom. I broke it. She started to tear and wisphering that she is loving me. How could I be so blind? I told her that I am not lesbian and she just did not stop crying. It takes a time till she starts telling me her story: Her mother died when she was eleven a year after the divorce, her dad crashed on the responsibility a year later and starts drinking. She wasn't raised till she was 16, when her father stops drinking. But before her sex life started. She lost her virginity to a 17 yo boy when she was twelve. Twelve is not the problem in germany, it is pretty normal, but 17 is quite a bit to high. In the next two years she fucked about thirty different guys, all under 17. In the age of 15 she was raped by a group of men. They were arrested, but she was destroyed. Her dad helped her a lot in this phase and he was the only person she trusted. She loves him so much, that she does a mistake. One evening after a television night she lay down on his lap while he was already sleeping. And then she felt it: His hard penis. He was still sleeping. Without thinking a lot she gave him head. She told me, that when he woke up he got furious, but he - a mid thirty who had not fucked since years - was not able to resist her body in any way. That night it was the first time she fucked her father. Not the last time. She loves his experience and his equipment as well. That date was the start of her daddy collection. For her father it gets more and more worse. He was seduced by his own daughter nearly every day and his escape was the alcohol. On his birthday he requested her a promise: No sex with him when he was drunk. At this point she smiled on me and told me that since that day, her father has not even touched even a glass of prossecco but fucking her every single day. I asked her if she is still fucking her dad and she answered yes. I could not believe it. I asked her why, and she answered, that he is good in bed and he really loves her. And she added, that it is not he, who is the dominant in this relationship. She told me, that it is her who is addicted.

What a story! She slept the night in my bed (she was honest) and I lay beneath her and could not sleep.



Monday, April 01, 2002

I had sex ...

... just an April joke