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Showing posts from March, 2002

Introducing Jessica

Jessica was very interested by our new kissing style. Nikki and I had perfected it in the last two weeks. She got so crazy looking at us. She even thought we are lesbians. Then we introduced her to kissing our way. The only important thing is, that you shove your tongue out of your mouth - to show everybody you are french kissing - before you do a short kiss. She was amazed. Kisses

French kissing

French kissing. One of the greatest things in this world. Now in a new variant. Nikki has come over to the flat this morning. She had just fucked one of her daddies - I smell it - and we started a little breakfast party. But that is not the point. Afterwards in the door frame we tried to kiss good bye but it fails, at least at first. The good morning Caipi was hitting us. Then she said: "Let us try to kiss each other only with the tongue. Just a short touch. A super short french kiss." And we try it. What a way to kiss good bye. Bye