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Out with Nikki

As I assumed last week, determed this week. Nikki is definitally a new friend. Today she told me, how she met Jessica. Imagine: This girl went to one of her daddies (how she calls her fuck friends) to fuck him but the daddy was fucking another girl: Jessica. And the daddy is Jessicas current boyfriend. And now Aron (the boyfriend, daddy, my penis dream) even told both of them the full truth. So Nikki is not fucking Aron any longer and Jessica and Nikki are good friends now.
Nikki is a girl with a poor financial background and a divorced family. Her real dad is an artist and her mother is a - now dead - drug addict prostitute. At home Nikki has to cook, to clean up or generally run the household. The only thing in her spare time is fucking. She has no hobby, no sport, not even friends. Just sex.

I like her so much. She is young, fresh, intelligent and not a piece arrogant.


A new friend is coming up

Today Jessica introduced Nikki to me. She is 17 years old and everyone calls her a bombshell. I met her first in the entrance of the sauna. When she stripped down in the sauna I couldn't deny that she has an incredible body. She is very short, about 160 cm, a natural short cutted red haired, below the eyebrows naked woman with, for her size, good sized breasts and an ass to die for. She is pierced in both nipples and has a beauntiful tatoo on her pubic area. She is a skater girl, wearing baggy clothes and hides her body. Later we chatted a lot. She is insane. In the last year she fucked about 25 guys. Most of them on a regulary base. She is currently still in school (preparing for A-Levels) and has a lot of problems with other girls. She hops around nearly every night visiting men and boys, some of them still in relations.

I know a crazy girl, but so it is.




Today I did something pretty nasty. I went to toilet early in the morning and found a used, but knoted condom in front of our bathroom trash. The new girlfriend of my straight flat mate was here tonight. The gay one and the girl were both somewhere else, so I am pretty sure, that the condom is from the straight flat mate. I should give him a name. What is about Henrik. Good name. Henrik. Yes Henrik fucked this girl last night. I opened the condom and flipped it. The sperm dropped on my belly and slowly pours down to my pussy. I threw the condom into the toilet and took a dip of the sperm. What a missed taste.