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Showing posts from January, 2002

Start learning

I found a new occupation: To learn for the university. I study Computer Science by the way. Sitting in a library is a new feeling for me. Till now I did not even learn a single page for my study, doing everything with my existing knowledge. Today I read a book about Analysis. A boring topic, but anyhow, good for my studies.

In a few minutes Jessica is coming over and take me out.



Another week is gone

Tonight my gay flat mate fucked his brain out. I can not understand this waste of sperm. Just half a meter are between two hard members and my pussy. Why he got all these mens!!! It seams he did not even left me one.

Happy new year

Last night I was out with Jessica and her boyfriend. I was so jealous of her. He wore a tight jeans and the bulge between his legs was an object of imagination for me. They both left me three times for the toilets and everytime Jessica had this smile on her face when they were back. I hate her.

Shortly after midnight a guy started to smile at me. But he might be even more shy than I am. I left the party at three o'clock.