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Long talk with my sister

Sarah and I had a walk at the coast of the Starnberger sea today. I asked her, why she has problems with boys. I do not understand her. She is shy - she always has been - but she has the body of my sister or at least of my own one. Later I convinced her to tell me the problem: She had a very bad sexual experience. At the age of sixteen her first oral partner forced her to swallow his cum. She has never recovered from this experience. This boy was a former class mate of me and years ago, in 1993 at a class trip he forced me as well to swallow his load. It was not my first one, not even my first one who forced me but definately one on whom I have later never performed again. She was a bit shocked when I told her that I like to swallow cum. She already knows that I am easy with oral - everyone knows, even my father. But she was shocked a lot more, when I told her, that Oswald - the name of this asshole - received a blowjob from me. She asked me about my lesbian experience. She laughed abo

My lesbian sister

I told you yesterday, that my little sister was crying. She is an 18 years old girl with a problem: She is a lesbian. And she told it today our strict catholic parents. I found her in her bed - my old bed, btw. - and sat me behind her. She told me under tears that she has a girlfriend and she wants to introduce her to our parents. What a mistake and this at christmas. I took her in my arms and had stayed the night at her. My father got very angry at breakfast when he heard of my understanding. But I am not Sarah, I am Josephine. My father has always loved me and my will is a bit stronger than hers. We talked for three hours till he could accept it. At least as a current mood of my sister. He was not very happy with Kathrin and her boyfriend as well. But he was happy with me. I did not told him much about the second half of my last year. bye

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year. An hour ago I bought my last christmas present (for Frank and Nadja). I am at home at Starnberg and I am glad to be here at my parents place together with my brother and sisters. Dominik and Florian - my both brothers - were happy to see me. Dominik - the younger one, 20 years old - told me a story of my little sister Kathrin. She is currently 14 years old and already a bombshell. She has a lot of young boys around her and the last time I talked to her, she was just selecting Mr. Right for her deflowering. And what Dominik told me, is that she had selected a 21 years old sportsman from the local soccer club - remember ??? - and let him fuck her. I asked her later and she commited it and add, that now she has a 15 years old friend and they are fucking every single day. I have to stop here, my other sister is crying in the other room. bye

Sweet kisses

Tonight we were all out. Frank with his girl Nadja (by the way) and Robert with me. Huh. What a night. We were dancing for hours till late in the night. Robert and Frank left us soon alone and we had a long night. Nadja and I left the club at around 3 o'clock and we walk towards Schwabing. She guided me till my flat (she lived a block later) and in the door of the building we start kissing. Do not ask me, how it had started but in the end she has my tits in her hands and I was just without free will. We kissed about an hour till my flat mate Henrik arrived with his girl. He came over and simply said: "Never again tell me, you are not bisexual." Nadja turned her head and answered for me: "She won't" Another wall in me was broken tonight. But I do not know, if I should tell it Nikki. bye

HIV Results ... and Roberts first cum in my pussy

We are all negative. What a happy day for my pussy. I had taken care of this result and wore a skirt despite of this bad temperatures. Frank invites us to the next cafe but Robert had a better idea. He told his brother that we will meet them a bit later in the cafe and guide me in a side street. A few seconds later he pushed me in a house entrance and start to open my cloak. I told him to stop but he did not care. He rose my skirt pulled my slip aside and entered me. I forgot my objections and enjoy this new feeling. We sat five minutes in the cafe when I went to toilet (it was a heavy load). But before I even entered the stall Robert was one time again behind me, pushed me in the stall and start to fuck me again. What a stamina. He squirted once again and I literally flew out. Tomorrow is a test at the university and I have to learn a bit but till now I still enjoy my wet pussy. bye

Being watched

Today I saw my first voyeur. I am pretty sure I have been watched before, but I never could see anyone. I fucked Robert in their house in the backyard of a huge villa when I saw this little girl in a window left of me. I whispered it to Robert but he just answered: "It is one of the grandsons of the boss. It is not the first time." I complained and then told him, that it is a girl. "The granddaughter. First time visited the window half an year ago", was his simple answer. Afterwards I do not care any longer about this little girl. An hard ass fuck convinced me to care about other things. kisses ps: Next week Robert, his brother, his girlfriend and I will visit the doctor for a HIV test.

Defloration III

My ass is burning like hell. Tonight my anus was deflowered by Robert. Incredible feelings I can tell you. I orgasmed immediate after the penetration. Such a foreign feeling. Robert fucking capabilities are fantastic. He always fucks me with his penis (not with his hand or tongue) to multiple orgasm. What the rumors told me before is a truth: At least his dick is about 20cm long, not compareable to Arons, but more than long enough. And it is very thick. Due to my tight pussy and his fat dick our orgasm rate is fantastic. Back to my ass: I have never thought this is such a fun. It is much more intensive than the vanilla way.

Ceraphos present

Cerapho is a lucky man. Last week he had his birthday (Nobody knows his age, but I know the date - which is more than a lot of his friends knows) and the present I brought was Nikki. Since Robert fucked me I deny blowjobs to him and he was getting very used to this. But Nikki the sweetie she is helped me with this problem (very willingly). Nikkis relation to Cerapho is a bit difficult because Nikki has a little bit too much respect to him (respect is for Nikki a foreign word, she normally respects nobody). But this changed today. She gave him a blowjob which was impressive. I have never watched a girl before when she is going down on someone. I always considered my own oral skills as well developed but the five minutes I watched her till he shot his load on her face I learned a lot. When she came back from the toilet she threw her slip onto my bed and start - without a second of delay - to cover his penis with a condom and fuck him. I was thrilled. In my 21 years I have never seen anot

Sex Date

If this is the start of a relation with Robert, I will have a great time. In the moment I left my home I got a long French kiss. I love this boy. He drove me to one of the suburbs of Munich to visit one of his workplaces. A very large villa of a former top manager. He told me, that their employers are currently visiting south Africa and they do housekeeping for them. He directly brought me to the dining room and served me a fantastic dinner. Afterwards we sat down in the sitting room and had a lot of fun till I asked about the room behind a large closed door. He just said: Check yourself. I stand up, walked over to the door and opened it. I could not believe my eyes. A huge indoor pool. The rest of the night was a logic consequence: I slipped out of my robe and my stilettos and jumped into the pool. "It is time to fuck me", was the last sentence for hours. At three o'clock in the night it was the last time he squirted into a condom. The next morning he brought me breakf

Sorry girls - I suck dick

Nikki visited me today and brought me two shirts. The first with the text "Sorry girls - I suck dick". Nice shirt, I had to commit but she present me a second: "Sorry boys - I eat pussy", if I change my mind. I had to laugh. Robert is here in two hours.

Second Date

Tonight we went to the cinema. We watched Minority Report but I was not very interested in the film. One of his hand lay around my neck and I was simply aroused. Earlier this night he even touched my ass. A few minutes ago we ended our french kissing. I am still thrilled. It has been at least an hour before it ended. I still feel his hand between my legs or his hand beneath my shirt. But I could resist and leave him alone at the street. kisses

First Date

I was out with Robert tonight. He was a real gentleman. We walked a bit through the English Garden, walked down the Leopold Street and ended up in the Atomic Cafe. We danced a little bit and had a lot of fun. Afterwards he brought me to my flat and I was happy that he kissed me goodbye.

Twin number

I prepared very well yesterday and the operation was successful. I have the phone number and an email address. For the first time in my life I thanked my parents for my tits. They were necessary to get their attention. Very important. At last night parties it was awfuller than at the party before. It was a two girl one boy party and it seems the superfluous girls all wants to fuck my twin. But I had the largest cleavage and the tightest top so I won the place on his lap. I flirt with this boy - it was Robert - a long time before I received the number of his mobile phone. And be a lady with class I left him in this moment and went home. I know, I am a bitch, but hey, here I am.


Last night I saw an anygirls dream: Two identical and absolutely beauntiful twins. They are blond, muscular (they wore transparent shirts), fantastic abdominals and an ass to die for. I first saw one of the two and followed him till I saw the second twin. On his lap sat a beauntiful girl and around the first twin a group of girls. I watched this scene about fifteen minutes from a place at the bar. I was simply damp. Later that night I sat on the lap of the host - Jerald, an old fellow student of me - and asked him about the twins. He was smilling and told me, that he want to get paid for this knowledge. I asked him about the payment and he simply said: A blowjob. How I hate this. For every men in this world, a blowjob seems to be an adequate possibility for girls to pay bills. For a man, it is simply the next beer. For a woman it is a blowjob. On the other hand - and here I have to defend the men - a lot of girls use this to have a cheap life. Nikki in example never have any money wi

Suck day

Cerapho and I was out for a suck day today. He organized a car and we drive toward the mountains. We both knew very well, what this day really is: Not a small excursion, just a sexual release for us both. To be honest: In the last two month we had a lot of encounters. And normally he was the lucky one. It was not by him or me, just the fact, that fellatio is easier served in public than cunniculus. And I really like to go down on him. But today was payday. And he paid back very well. bye

Ralph kicked me

Okay, it seems, that the condom topic was an important topic for him. He dropped me like a hot potato. If you asked me yesterday, I would not mind him but today I am angry with him. Tonight he tried me to loose my resistance. He tried to fuck me without condom, to mouth fuck me and even tried to deflower my anus. He fucked me four times last night. I even let him shot his seed into my face. He had his good bye fuck. I will be his last fuck with me. good by small size penis

The rubber question

"Why we still use a rubber. I have a guilty HIV test", he questioned me. My answer was simple: "As long as you fuck another girl, we will use a rubber." And to be honest: I do not like his penis very much. I can not imagine how this small thing will satisfy me without the protection of a condom. In my mouth (without a condom) he came within seconds and I do not like to think about how fast he came into my wet pussy.

Ralphs Girlfriend

Tonight I met Ralphs girlfriend on a party we all were invited. I think she has known it from the first second she saw me. It was so awkward. We already had sex today and I just blushed in front of her. But she has not confronted me. What a luck.

No sucking for Ralph

I do not suck Ralphs cock any more, at least not before sex. He told me a whiny story about not been sucked by any girl before (this is possible) but this did not impress me. An hour ago we had a quicky on a toilet in bar at the Leopoldstra├če. To do a quick fuck in clothes is for me very thrilling. I really like it. The short movement of my skimpy tanga and a dick which is shoved into me.


I have to introduce Ralph. We fuck now for three weeks without being a couple. He is 22 years old, a motor mechanic by job and his body is, what shall I say, muscular. His favourite position is (till now) the doggy one but fucks me in missionary too. And he is very keen on to be sucked before sex. No problem to me, but he squirts the most time im my mouth instead of fucking me. Squirt is no problem, but not ready to fuck me afterwards, that is a problem. I hope he will get this under his control. But there is another thing I have to tell you: His dick size. Strong man have small dicks. In this case it is true. His penis is just 14cm long. Erected. Cerapho is at 18cm (I messured) and Aron is at 24 cm. But he is well enough for my pussy.

Okay, ...

Jessica was not very surprised. She told me, that for a half year now I have been a cat in heat for every boy in my environment. A cat in heat. Okay, maybe she is right. I had a lot of dirty fantasies, I dressed me sometimes like a bitch and imagine, I give Cerapho blowjobs just for fun. Today Ralp, the guy I fucked last Tuesday sent me a mail. He want to see me as soon as possible.


Last night and the whole day I had sex. Yeaah. Sex. I met this guy yesterday in the late afternoon in a pub where Cerapho introduced him to me. He was cute, smart and ... a cheater. At least now. Cerapho warned me but I just had eyes for the guy, not for the advice of my best friend. But this guy flirted with me and it was so obvious that he want to fuck. I went with him and wow, I was deflowered a second time. I forgot how filled up my pussy is with a dick. I came after a few strokes. When he came the first time I was already at my second orgasm. We fucked the whole night, this morning, the afternoon till nine o'clock. This entry is the first thing I do after this sex marathon. My pussy is sore and still open but I think his penis is not really in a better state. It was my first one night stand. Or better my first one day stand however a rubber in my pussy is good feeling. My number three, without the blowjobs I have given.

Arons luck

Aron is a happy man. To be sucked of every few hours, to have a girlfriend which he loves and which adores him, to have a dick so ..., a lot of nice girls around him and now, a job as a junior consultant in a big consulting company. He is a lucky man. In a month Jessica and Aron move to a new - and common - flat. Till today she has lived at her parents and has met Aron always at his small room with its thin walls. She told me, that she is looking forward to the moment where she is really alone with Aron. But back to Arons luck. The hours ago, we have been at the sea and we fulfill his wish: A topless day in the wood. Okay, he has seen us all in our naked glory before but I think outside of a sauna, this is another chapter. Nikki was not a problem for nobody but I had a problem. To strip down my bikini top is not the problem, but in the jealousy of Jessica. We all know pretty well, that he just want to have a look at my tits. Nikki is naked in every second in the forest and Jessicas ti

Swimming Day

It was our second swimming day. Nikki has just finished school year and showed us last week her secret place. A place in the wood, a small but clear see, with a small meadow before and just a small trail and a small creek to it. Just a few village boys and Nikki knows about this place. She told us, that this is her virginity place because this is place where she has never fucked. The local boys and one of their girls she fucked out of the wood or in their cars but never in the near of the sea. She was naked in the moment we enter the clearance. Now I understand why she is so balanced even with her history. This place is her soul, her light, her reason to live. At this place she is kid, not a young promescuitive lady. Today I had seen her with one of the boys from the other shore and his girlfriend and later I asked her direct for her first love and voila: This place was the place of her and the boy over there. Here was her first romantic kiss. The kiss of a fifteen year old semi-prosti

White day

Till this morning I was a bit in worry about the story with Cerapho last week. He currenty loves a nice girl which would do anything for him - if he asks her for a rendevouz. He is in one hand so shy and do nothing without the explicit permission of a girl on the other hand, if you invite him like I do last week, he is under control like a machine. Earlier Cerapho was visiting me. And he was not angry for me. He sat down on my bed and pull me down on his lap. His hands rests on my right naked leg. My pussy heated up and was wetting my panties. Cerapho told me to strip my other garment the top and I did it without asking why. He fondled my breasts, twirled my small nipples and than he told me, that he had thought the whole last week about my body (not that I have done anything else) and that he cannot stay it any longer. I offered him my body, pressed myself against him but he denied once again sex with me. I asked him why and I was hitted by a sentence I told a lot of boys in my life b

Black day

Yesterday was a black day. A very deep black day. And I made some mistakes again. Yesterday was Juni, 3. A year ago, Frank left me. I had cried all the morning till Cerapho showed up and made dinner for us. He did not mention it, but he knew the date pretty well. He was just there and made my day a bit better. We did a walk through the English Garden, drank a coffee in a cafe and search a dvd for the evening. He even allowed me to select a romance despite he is not a big fan of this genre. As so often we were alone this night in the flat and so we opened a bottle of red whine and start to watch the dvd. I laid on him, his hand curled my hair slightly and everything was sweet as hell. And in this sweetness a very bad thought came up into my brain. To have sex with him. At least oral sex, because yesterday and today I am in my cycle. After the film I said to him to wait in my room during my shower. I showered, dried my body, removed the tampon and walked into my room in my full naked glo

Jessica knows .... nothing

A few minutes ago, I met Jessica. She asked me why I am so red in my face, but I did not tell her anything about Aron. She told me about Aron, and how good he was in bed the last few days. I cannot believe how easy she talks about sex with me. It it damn easy for her, but not for me. God, what have I done


I feel so worse. The events of last night should never happen again. I gave a blowjob to my best friend boyfriend. Out of my free will. How could this happen? I am so ashamed.


I was out with my dick dream tonight. I speak of Aron, Jessicas boyfriend. To go out with him, with or without Jessica, is pretty simple. He is a nice guy and we had a lot of fun. He tease me with his bulge in his trousers, I tease him back with my body. This game started in the sauna and has got more and more dangerously every time we met. He knows about my affection to his dick - I have never made any secret of it - and I know very well about his looks at my body. Till know this game was innocent. A slap on our butts or a too long hug were the highest game prices. But this night was different. I know that Jessica was not able to come with us and start to prepare for a night with Aron and his dick. I dressed tight trousers, a bra and a sheer, belly-free black top and nothing else. Later in the disco we danced for hours till early in the morning. I love his breast (he is very athletic) and his bulge so we danced very narrowly. But then the problem starts. I first realized when it was

A good day for my heart

Cerapho visited me today. He will leave the army in two weeks and just want to warm up our friendship. We were out and had a lot of fun together. The army has not changed him very much. Good he has this story fable like every other guy who went to the army, but this is not bad. Tell me horny, but I like this guy everytime a bit more. bye


Today is a bloody day. I am girl with a lot of luck. And my cycle is part of my luck. Compared to the complains of other girls I am free of pain during my period. Why I tell you that in this blog? Because it is part of my life. To be honest: On my period I am a bit bitchy. My two ex boyfriends had to stand a lot during these days. Especially the first one. He was 15, I was 14. During our two years of relationship he had never managed the days in his small brain. I deny sex with him during the period and we had a lot of problems due to it. The second boyfriend Frank, my current last one, did not care much about my objections and just fucked me. I denied it just one time. Bye

My small brother's girlfriend

My small 19 year old brother and his girlfriend were here last night. He has this dumb girl for a year now and I know pretty well why: Cause of her tits. My breast are not the smallest - a normal C cup - but this girl double the size at least. I do not even want to estimate her cup. A double D at least. I do not like oversized tits, but my brother does. He have never had a girl with a cup smaller than C. Till now he have had just one really serious girlfriend, an intelligent, well educated and nice girl ... with a D cup. From my little sister I know, that this girl is just a better fuck toy for him. She told me, that he is used to fuck her at least trice a day. And he told me, that she is fantastic cocksucker and willing to perform at him. Very willing. Perhaps another time I tell you something about some places. Why I tell you all about this: I have never seen such a beaver at a girl of her age. She has never shaved or trimmed her pubic hair.

Like a 13 yo girl ...

Yesterday I was at a party. So far so good. Late in the night a I received an horny look on my ass. I wiggled my ass a bit and showed him more of my back to the guy. He came over - he was young and beauntiful - and grapped my ass as soon as possible. I do not mind because I was a lot hornier than he was. We chatted a few seconds - just a few and I do not remeber anything of it - before I whispered into his ear: "Fuck me". I turned around and guided his hand directly to my hot pussy. After a short massage we started to search for a room. They were all used by couples like us so we wait on the floor. He opened my jeans and continue with his intim massage in my slip. He was so used to the female sex. The last time I received such a good finger fuck was in my childhood as 13 yo girl. He rubbed me to orgasm a few times in the ten minutes on the floor. Just in the moment I started to return the favour and giving him head, Jessica had shown up. Damm. The first penis in my hand sinc

Telephone Sex

Nikki is a slut. Caused by her horrible life or not, she is a slut. Yesterday I phoned her and she was fucking when she took the call. I was standing at a munich place - the Stachus, by the way - and she was moaning into the cell phone. Okay, for me and a lot of other people - perhaps you too - it is usual to take a call of a friend during sex. But when I did it, I stop fucking or when I continue, I do it silently. And I make the chat short. When I called Nikki she did not even think to stop the fuck or hide it. I heard her lover, she moaned into the phone and I even heard her body slapping at each other. I met her this morning and asked her about this behaviour. She told me, that she did not want to stop having sex just of call. When I asked her about not to respond the call, she told me, that she is taking the calls of any of her friends whenever it is possible.

Nikkis horrible life

Yesterday something real unbelievable happened. It was late in the evening, around 23 o'clock when Nikki rang at our flat. She stormed in my room, closed the door, pushed me to bed and started to kiss me. I was really shocked. She started to fumble my breast and invade my pyjama bottom. I broke it. She started to tear and wisphering that she is loving me. How could I be so blind? I told her that I am not lesbian and she just did not stop crying. It takes a time till she starts telling me her story: Her mother died when she was eleven a year after the divorce, her dad crashed on the responsibility a year later and starts drinking. She wasn't raised till she was 16, when her father stops drinking. But before her sex life started. She lost her virginity to a 17 yo boy when she was twelve. Twelve is not the problem in germany, it is pretty normal, but 17 is quite a bit to high. In the next two years she fucked about thirty different guys, all under 17. In the age of 15 she was rape

Introducing Jessica

Jessica was very interested by our new kissing style. Nikki and I had perfected it in the last two weeks. She got so crazy looking at us. She even thought we are lesbians. Then we introduced her to kissing our way. The only important thing is, that you shove your tongue out of your mouth - to show everybody you are french kissing - before you do a short kiss. She was amazed. Kisses

French kissing

French kissing. One of the greatest things in this world. Now in a new variant. Nikki has come over to the flat this morning. She had just fucked one of her daddies - I smell it - and we started a little breakfast party. But that is not the point. Afterwards in the door frame we tried to kiss good bye but it fails, at least at first. The good morning Caipi was hitting us. Then she said: "Let us try to kiss each other only with the tongue. Just a short touch. A super short french kiss." And we try it. What a way to kiss good bye. Bye

Out with Nikki

As I assumed last week, determed this week. Nikki is definitally a new friend. Today she told me, how she met Jessica. Imagine: This girl went to one of her daddies (how she calls her fuck friends) to fuck him but the daddy was fucking another girl: Jessica. And the daddy is Jessicas current boyfriend. And now Aron (the boyfriend, daddy, my penis dream) even told both of them the full truth. So Nikki is not fucking Aron any longer and Jessica and Nikki are good friends now. Nikki is a girl with a poor financial background and a divorced family. Her real dad is an artist and her mother is a - now dead - drug addict prostitute. At home Nikki has to cook, to clean up or generally run the household. The only thing in her spare time is fucking. She has no hobby, no sport, not even friends. Just sex. I like her so much. She is young, fresh, intelligent and not a piece arrogant. bye

A new friend is coming up

Today Jessica introduced Nikki to me. She is 17 years old and everyone calls her a bombshell. I met her first in the entrance of the sauna. When she stripped down in the sauna I couldn't deny that she has an incredible body. She is very short, about 160 cm, a natural short cutted red haired, below the eyebrows naked woman with, for her size, good sized breasts and an ass to die for. She is pierced in both nipples and has a beauntiful tatoo on her pubic area. She is a skater girl, wearing baggy clothes and hides her body. Later we chatted a lot. She is insane. In the last year she fucked about 25 guys. Most of them on a regulary base. She is currently still in school (preparing for A-Levels) and has a lot of problems with other girls. She hops around nearly every night visiting men and boys, some of them still in relations. I know a crazy girl, but so it is. cu Josephine


Today I did something pretty nasty. I went to toilet early in the morning and found a used, but knoted condom in front of our bathroom trash. The new girlfriend of my straight flat mate was here tonight. The gay one and the girl were both somewhere else, so I am pretty sure, that the condom is from the straight flat mate. I should give him a name. What is about Henrik. Good name. Henrik. Yes Henrik fucked this girl last night. I opened the condom and flipped it. The sperm dropped on my belly and slowly pours down to my pussy. I threw the condom into the toilet and took a dip of the sperm. What a missed taste.

Start learning

I found a new occupation: To learn for the university. I study Computer Science by the way. Sitting in a library is a new feeling for me. Till now I did not even learn a single page for my study, doing everything with my existing knowledge. Today I read a book about Analysis. A boring topic, but anyhow, good for my studies. In a few minutes Jessica is coming over and take me out. bye Josephine

Another week is gone

Tonight my gay flat mate fucked his brain out. I can not understand this waste of sperm. Just half a meter are between two hard members and my pussy. Why he got all these mens!!! It seams he did not even left me one.

Happy new year

Last night I was out with Jessica and her boyfriend. I was so jealous of her. He wore a tight jeans and the bulge between his legs was an object of imagination for me. They both left me three times for the toilets and everytime Jessica had this smile on her face when they were back. I hate her. Shortly after midnight a guy started to smile at me. But he might be even more shy than I am. I left the party at three o'clock.