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Showing posts from December, 2001

Cerapho was here

Five minutes ago Cerapho was here, alone as usual, but with presents for me. A bouquet of flowers and two books. This cute one never forgets me and today he saved my day. He told me a lot of stories from the german air force (All boys do that during and after their service) but to soon he had to left. He hugged me and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I am so happy now.

Happy christmas

Today is the 25th of December and I am alone in the Munich flat. Yesterday I was at home in Starnberg and celebrated the fest with my family, but today nobody is here. My flat mates are at home (the girl in France, the straight in Italian and the gay in north Germany). Normally this day is reserved for the family of my boyfriend, but this time, I am alone.

Happy christmas :-(

Close dancing

Today was a party at a student house in Schwabing. All my flat mates went to this party so I did. And it was the right decision. A boy catched me and danced with me the whole night. And very closely to add. It was a fantastic to feel fingers on my butt which pressed me against another body. I was so hot and start even to kiss him (my first kisses since a half year) but then he broke the things up and left the party. And to be honest: I left the party short time later and went to bed.

All presents bought - New record

Just come back from my last christmas shopping tour. And I have all the presents I need. And today is the fourteenth of December. Hell I am good. What presents I bought? No chance. My both brothers read this blog, as well as my two sisters.

Santa Claus

Today I was in a bitchy mood. I teased a Santa Claus - or the Nikolaus like we say in Germany - in a Mall here in Munich. I was in Boutique when I saw through the shop window a Santa Claus in a Toy center direct across. I saw his last "customer", a small girl of perhaps six, sat on his lap and told her wishes into his hear. An ugly custom/tradition which came across the ocean. But this little girl had something I did not have. She sat on the lap of a guy.

What I did? I cross the path, wait till the girl left the old man and sat on his lap myself. I got my revenge. I made it impossible for him to stay cool. I splitted my legs so that he had to lay his hand on the inner side of my leg and wishpered my wish into his ear: That I have not had sex since six month now and I want to get laid.
Whow. He got an erection I feel even through this strong clothes of him. I hugged him and leave him alone.

I know that was not right, but it was funny as hell.