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Showing posts from November, 2001

Morning actions ...

This morning a naked man stood in the kitchen in front of the fridge. I knew someone of my flat mates came in late last night, but this information is a bit difficult. My flat mates are a hetero male, a gay male and a 18 years old girl. I could not resist and slapped his butt. He frightened and turned around. In this moment I know, he was gay. We say hello, he naked I in my pajamas and I said: You're gay, aren't you? He returned: Yes, who are you? I told him. You want to know, why I know that he is gay? His very well trained body.

Jessicas new boyfriend

Two days ago Jessica came over and told me, that she had just dumped her boyfriend. I for my part do not understand this because her boyfriend was a cute one, but she showed me the reason tonight. We went out into the sauna and I met her new boyfriend. He was black. Here I have to interrupt and explain something: Jessica is black as well and since I have met her, one of her most important wishes was to get laid from a black. She was adopted and in Munich it is difficult to meet a black, when you have an bavarian accent in your voice, even if you are black.
Back to the story: When we were in the sauna I understood another detail. He was well equipped.

Cinema action

This evening was the first night this year I needed my winter cloak and boots. What a cold day. My flat mates and I went out for cinema tonight and watched Mexicano with Julia Roberts and Brat Pitt. What a nice movie with this fucking handsome guy in it. I was so jealous of the girl which sat next to me. During the whole movie the hand of her boyfriend was between her open legs. It remebered me about my last encounter with my ex boyfriend in a cinema when I had given him head during an action movie. One time she even moaned.