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Today evening was to say it simple interesting. The first time in my 20 years old life I visit a sauna. We went to the Westbad a public bath in Munich. Jessica had told me that we will go out for swimming. So far so good. I just told her an old story about my ex boyfriend and me in the edge of the outdoor pool when she suggested to visit the public sauna upstairs. Okay, I answered her but she forgot a detail the mention. We went upstairs and enter the seperated sauna and I appalled. All the people run around totally naked. I thought in a public sauna I can wear my bikini, but a large sign told me another story. Jessica already stripped down and I followed her. Hell, I was afraid. Jessica wraped her towel around her hip and I do so. Jessica poured out a bucket of ice cold water above my head and I yelled out because my body is so sensitive. Jessica laughed about me and I followed her into a sauna. We climbed on the highest bench and laid down. Just one old man was in the sauna but then…

Guy report

He was not as cute as I hoped. To tell the truth: He was an asshole. He met a friend of him during the evening and left me alone. I felt like useless flesh. I was dressed up, perfumed and even shaved my legs for him. We sat on a table and they chatted two hours about soccer. About soccer. I hate soccer. I want to fuck him and he chats about soccer. Now, the next morning I am glad, he did not lay me.



Winter term starts

I am back at the university. Glad to be back at the halls of the LMU. Soon the first parties will start and I will get laid. I have not be fucked for five month. The last time this happened was in the age of thirteen after my first and before my second fuck. I am horny as hell. My flat mates even arrange a date with a guy tomorrow night. I am not sure if I know him but pretty sure that if he is cute he can do anything with me.

I have to say, that I do not start this blog to tell anyone my sex life but it is incredible hot to write such things so that anyone can read it. I am getting wet every time I write into this blog about sex.