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Hey, you know in Munich there is a large fair, better to say, a very very large fair called the Oktoberfest. It is in the last two weeks of September and ends in the first weekend of October despite of his name. As a child of the Munich periphery I am used to this fest and own even a dirndl (the traditionally costume). It is a modern variant with a short skirt and a large cleavage.
The story I want to tell: Every time I visit the Oktoberfest I am grabbed several times, and this since I am sixteen. For a woman it is totally usual to be grabbed at your ass or breasts on the Oktoberfest. It is not right but without a grabbing there is no way to visit the Oktoberfest. But today an italian asshole raise my skirt, slipped into my panties and even invade my pussy. I was drunk and dancing on the bench but there is no right to treat me and my pussy like this. I kicked his balls and a security carried him out of the crowded tent. What an asshole. He even want to fuck me. What an idea!!!

Girls: Ne…


Today I cried till my tears dried. I promise: I do not cry often despite this blog narrated this. But this day, is a day, which never will leave my brain. What a horrible desaster.

I pray for the victims.