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Tears are never dropping without reason. Good he is not dead, but he is the second man within short time who left me. But he promise to stay a friend of mine.

Fuck army

Today Cerapho is leaving. And why? Not because he is bored of my presence, no, he have to do his fuck military service. I just made his breakfast. Yesterday he and my girlfriend, Jessica, have escort me into a cinema and made a perfect day for me.

Thanks, Jessica and Cerapho

Cafe fun

Today is the third day in row Cerapho is sleeping in the flat share. When he comes back from work, we directly leave the flat and sit into a cafe and rate girls. What a fun. I never believed him or anybody else that this is such a fun. And to say, I am as hetero as Cerapho is hetero, but girl rating is just an interesting amusement during long nights.

Such a fun

May I introduce: Cerapho

Today an old and more important a loyal friend of me comes over. Cerapho. You think, this is not his right name? You are right, it is not. Josephine neither. But who cares. We know each other since years and currently he is alone as I myself. He study at another university here in Munich but works in the same company like me. I missed him a lot the last months (he was busy in his work and has a lot other problems) and so we chat the whole night till three in the morning. I am so lucky to have a friend like him.