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Showing posts from July, 2001

First days at my old/new work

I am back in the city - Munich in beautiful bavaria by the way - in my flat share. Just start to work in the summer break. I have a contract as working student at a big company - you know, the big one with the seven green letters -, and write software for them. Yes, I am a software programmer. Believe it or not. And I am good by the way. Today was the second day and the first project arrive. A good start. J.


Today is a nice day. Two month of living in my own little world is not good for the weight. So I left my home this morning and ran along the sea. And what shall I say. A boy came across and smiled at me. I was never attracted by soccer player, but this morning I wished that he just strip out of his sports suit and jump me. I ran nearly an hour, never forgetting his smile. So cute. Josephine

Stupid question!!!

Today a girlfriend comes over and asks what my problem is? What my problem is??? What a stupid question. The hell, I am and seems to stay alone. Nine weeks are gone and nobody shows any interest in me. Fuck. But I have to commit that I leave the house just for buying foods or walking to the sea. I hate my life. The girlfriend told me to go out of the flat and go dancing. But currently I am not very interested in getting laid just for a night. bye Josephine