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Cerapho was here

Five minutes ago Cerapho was here, alone as usual, but with presents for me. A bouquet of flowers and two books. This cute one never forgets me and today he saved my day. He told me a lot of stories from the german air force (All boys do that during and after their service) but to soon he had to left. He hugged me and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I am so happy now.

Happy christmas

Today is the 25th of December and I am alone in the Munich flat. Yesterday I was at home in Starnberg and celebrated the fest with my family, but today nobody is here. My flat mates are at home (the girl in France, the straight in Italian and the gay in north Germany). Normally this day is reserved for the family of my boyfriend, but this time, I am alone.

Happy christmas :-(

Close dancing

Today was a party at a student house in Schwabing. All my flat mates went to this party so I did. And it was the right decision. A boy catched me and danced with me the whole night. And very closely to add. It was a fantastic to feel fingers on my butt which pressed me against another body. I was so hot and start even to kiss him (my first kisses since a half year) but then he broke the things up and left the party. And to be honest: I left the party short time later and went to bed.

All presents bought - New record

Just come back from my last christmas shopping tour. And I have all the presents I need. And today is the fourteenth of December. Hell I am good. What presents I bought? No chance. My both brothers read this blog, as well as my two sisters.

Santa Claus

Today I was in a bitchy mood. I teased a Santa Claus - or the Nikolaus like we say in Germany - in a Mall here in Munich. I was in Boutique when I saw through the shop window a Santa Claus in a Toy center direct across. I saw his last "customer", a small girl of perhaps six, sat on his lap and told her wishes into his hear. An ugly custom/tradition which came across the ocean. But this little girl had something I did not have. She sat on the lap of a guy.

What I did? I cross the path, wait till the girl left the old man and sat on his lap myself. I got my revenge. I made it impossible for him to stay cool. I splitted my legs so that he had to lay his hand on the inner side of my leg and wishpered my wish into his ear: That I have not had sex since six month now and I want to get laid.
Whow. He got an erection I feel even through this strong clothes of him. I hugged him and leave him alone.

I know that was not right, but it was funny as hell.

Morning actions ...

This morning a naked man stood in the kitchen in front of the fridge. I knew someone of my flat mates came in late last night, but this information is a bit difficult. My flat mates are a hetero male, a gay male and a 18 years old girl. I could not resist and slapped his butt. He frightened and turned around. In this moment I know, he was gay. We say hello, he naked I in my pajamas and I said: You're gay, aren't you? He returned: Yes, who are you? I told him. You want to know, why I know that he is gay? His very well trained body.

Jessicas new boyfriend

Two days ago Jessica came over and told me, that she had just dumped her boyfriend. I for my part do not understand this because her boyfriend was a cute one, but she showed me the reason tonight. We went out into the sauna and I met her new boyfriend. He was black. Here I have to interrupt and explain something: Jessica is black as well and since I have met her, one of her most important wishes was to get laid from a black. She was adopted and in Munich it is difficult to meet a black, when you have an bavarian accent in your voice, even if you are black.
Back to the story: When we were in the sauna I understood another detail. He was well equipped.

Cinema action

This evening was the first night this year I needed my winter cloak and boots. What a cold day. My flat mates and I went out for cinema tonight and watched Mexicano with Julia Roberts and Brat Pitt. What a nice movie with this fucking handsome guy in it. I was so jealous of the girl which sat next to me. During the whole movie the hand of her boyfriend was between her open legs. It remebered me about my last encounter with my ex boyfriend in a cinema when I had given him head during an action movie. One time she even moaned.


Today evening was to say it simple interesting. The first time in my 20 years old life I visit a sauna. We went to the Westbad a public bath in Munich. Jessica had told me that we will go out for swimming. So far so good. I just told her an old story about my ex boyfriend and me in the edge of the outdoor pool when she suggested to visit the public sauna upstairs. Okay, I answered her but she forgot a detail the mention. We went upstairs and enter the seperated sauna and I appalled. All the people run around totally naked. I thought in a public sauna I can wear my bikini, but a large sign told me another story. Jessica already stripped down and I followed her. Hell, I was afraid. Jessica wraped her towel around her hip and I do so. Jessica poured out a bucket of ice cold water above my head and I yelled out because my body is so sensitive. Jessica laughed about me and I followed her into a sauna. We climbed on the highest bench and laid down. Just one old man was in the sauna but then…

Guy report

He was not as cute as I hoped. To tell the truth: He was an asshole. He met a friend of him during the evening and left me alone. I felt like useless flesh. I was dressed up, perfumed and even shaved my legs for him. We sat on a table and they chatted two hours about soccer. About soccer. I hate soccer. I want to fuck him and he chats about soccer. Now, the next morning I am glad, he did not lay me.



Winter term starts

I am back at the university. Glad to be back at the halls of the LMU. Soon the first parties will start and I will get laid. I have not be fucked for five month. The last time this happened was in the age of thirteen after my first and before my second fuck. I am horny as hell. My flat mates even arrange a date with a guy tomorrow night. I am not sure if I know him but pretty sure that if he is cute he can do anything with me.

I have to say, that I do not start this blog to tell anyone my sex life but it is incredible hot to write such things so that anyone can read it. I am getting wet every time I write into this blog about sex.


Hey, you know in Munich there is a large fair, better to say, a very very large fair called the Oktoberfest. It is in the last two weeks of September and ends in the first weekend of October despite of his name. As a child of the Munich periphery I am used to this fest and own even a dirndl (the traditionally costume). It is a modern variant with a short skirt and a large cleavage.
The story I want to tell: Every time I visit the Oktoberfest I am grabbed several times, and this since I am sixteen. For a woman it is totally usual to be grabbed at your ass or breasts on the Oktoberfest. It is not right but without a grabbing there is no way to visit the Oktoberfest. But today an italian asshole raise my skirt, slipped into my panties and even invade my pussy. I was drunk and dancing on the bench but there is no right to treat me and my pussy like this. I kicked his balls and a security carried him out of the crowded tent. What an asshole. He even want to fuck me. What an idea!!!

Girls: Ne…


Today I cried till my tears dried. I promise: I do not cry often despite this blog narrated this. But this day, is a day, which never will leave my brain. What a horrible desaster.

I pray for the victims.


Tears are never dropping without reason. Good he is not dead, but he is the second man within short time who left me. But he promise to stay a friend of mine.

Fuck army

Today Cerapho is leaving. And why? Not because he is bored of my presence, no, he have to do his fuck military service. I just made his breakfast. Yesterday he and my girlfriend, Jessica, have escort me into a cinema and made a perfect day for me.

Thanks, Jessica and Cerapho

Cafe fun

Today is the third day in row Cerapho is sleeping in the flat share. When he comes back from work, we directly leave the flat and sit into a cafe and rate girls. What a fun. I never believed him or anybody else that this is such a fun. And to say, I am as hetero as Cerapho is hetero, but girl rating is just an interesting amusement during long nights.

Such a fun

May I introduce: Cerapho

Today an old and more important a loyal friend of me comes over. Cerapho. You think, this is not his right name? You are right, it is not. Josephine neither. But who cares. We know each other since years and currently he is alone as I myself. He study at another university here in Munich but works in the same company like me. I missed him a lot the last months (he was busy in his work and has a lot other problems) and so we chat the whole night till three in the morning. I am so lucky to have a friend like him.

First days at my old/new work

I am back in the city - Munich in beautiful bavaria by the way - in my flat share. Just start to work in the summer break. I have a contract as working student at a big company - you know, the big one with the seven green letters -, and write software for them. Yes, I am a software programmer. Believe it or not. And I am good by the way. Today was the second day and the first project arrive. A good start.



Today is a nice day. Two month of living in my own little world is not good for the weight. So I left my home this morning and ran along the sea. And what shall I say. A boy came across and smiled at me. I was never attracted by soccer player, but this morning I wished that he just strip out of his sports suit and jump me. I ran nearly an hour, never forgetting his smile. So cute.


Stupid question!!!

Today a girlfriend comes over and asks what my problem is?
What my problem is??? What a stupid question.
The hell, I am and seems to stay alone. Nine weeks are gone and nobody shows any interest in me. Fuck. But I have to commit that I leave the house just for buying foods or walking to the sea. I hate my life. The girlfriend told me to go out of the flat and go dancing. But currently I am not very interested in getting laid just for a night.


Nearly forgot my blog

To be honest: I forgot it. But now I am back. Two weeks are gone and I am still alone. I browsed a lot through the net the last days, but nobody I chat with can fix up the hole in my heart. I am alone. Fuck. But it is my fault. He was in love with another girl and I stupid girl let him go. What a mistake of me to think, somebody else can replace him. I am so in love with him.

Fuck, hope with me for another chance,